Forget the Mexicans – Time to get our own house in order

The national register of information on driver’s license holders – including CDL holders – that’s maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has some big flaws, according to a government audit.

In a press release, the U.S. Department of Transportation Inspector General announced that personal information in the database, such as drug or alcohol convictions, could be accessed and used by unauthorized parties.

The inspector general also reported that information on convictions sometimes takes more than a year to be entered into the register, that physical characteristics – such as hair and eye color – were missing from 18 million records, and that 161,000 cases of duplicate social security numbers were found.

And we haven’t forgotten about that piece of trash coming from the GAO today concerning drug testing procedures. I will comment on that when I have a chance to read the 44 pages of the report.

I will say though that despite Steve Sommers claim of Mexican trucks coming to mind and that little split-tail from south Arkansas with her irrelevant and inane comments about Mexico and Nuevo Laredo, a subject she is not qualified to speak on, the GAO report has nothing to do with Mexican trucks. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with the American trucking industry.

This is a failure of the Medical community to comply with standards set for the collections of specimens.

However, as we all know, the trucking industry will be pummeled by the special interest groups, the same special interest groups and watchdog groups whom OOIDA and the Teamsters have been very, shall we say “cozy” (like a whore and her john) with during the Mexican truck debate.