Don’t you feel just a little silly?

“Carnage on the highways” (Rollye James) “Drunk and drugged truckers” (Teamsters Union) “Substandard equipment and substandard drivers” (Bubba Bo) “I’m going to Washington and put fear into the hearts of the soccer moms” (Steve Sommers)….. Just some of the comments heard over the past months from the pundits of talk radio and let’s not forget those who would say that all of us American truckers will be in the welfare line.

On Friday, June 8, FMCSA, published in the Federal Register the results of the Pre Authority Safety Audits, naming the names of those Mexican carriers who have applied for operating authority in the United States, and the numbers may just surprise you.

I’m still reviewing the tables but at this time, this much is evident

  • 107 Mexican Carriers Applied for authority
  • 39 of these carriers withdrew their application
  • 6 failed the PASA for various reasons, usually not being in compliance with HOS or drug testing
  • 33 passed all 5 elements of the PASA as required by United States regulations
  • 9 carriers were unable to be contacted to schedule the review.

Of the carriers that passed the PASA and are awaiting final approval to operate in the United States, 155 units and 142 commercial drivers cleared to operate under the Demonstration project.

These drivers and trucks will be held to a higher standard than American drivers as stated in the Federal Notice. All will have to display current CVSA decals which are valid for 3 months yet will still be subject to random inspections at the whim of law enforcement and other entities.

The English language provision will be enforced by language proficiency checks as they cross the border and clear the border inspection facilities. These will be conducted in English by the inspectors and determination of proficiency will be at the sole discretion of the inspector. I see a major problem brewing here if the inspector is having a bad day.

Drug Testing has been done by U.S. labs in at various sites in the United States along the border route. This complies fully with 49cfr regarding drug testing.

FMCSA has certified, as required, the differences and acceptability of Mexican rules for out of service violations which are much stricter than ours in the U.S.

Interestingly enough, at this time, the mega carriers are not showing a presence in the PASA. Only Jaguar, the Mexican partner of Celadon (18 drivers 42 units) have applied and passed the tests.

As I have been saying all along, this does not represent a flood of Mexican trucks coming into the country to take our jobs and cut the freight rates. Upon reading the entire document, as you people should do, it appears the impact on our industry will be much less than the influx of Canadian carriers was a decade ago.

Get a life people! Take a moment and download and carefully read the truth! Not what the fear mongers would have you believing