Data becomes available on progress of Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program

Sufficient data is becoming available for the FMCSA to begin to publish status reports for the Mexican carriers participating in the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program.

The weekly updates can be accessed at FMCSA’s website.

This is part of the transparency of the program required under the rules for the program and which groups who oppose Mexican trucking claims not to exist.

Here’s an overview of the first report published. It covers the week of 10/21/2011 through 10/31/2011.

Transportes Olympic has made 2 crossings using 2 drivers in one truck.

There was one inspection done on Transportes Olympics trucks as required under the pilot program rules. Since Transportes Olympics was eligible and granted, permanent operating authority after factoring in their successful 18 month participation in the previous program, further inspections are not mandated every time one of their trucks crosses the border.

No drivers nor vehicles were placed Out-of-Service during this period of time.

There were no violations of terms of any participants operating authority.

Review of data from EOBR’s placed on-board the truck belonging to Transportes Olympics revealed one violation of Hours of Service Rules, however, upon investigation FMCSA determined that the driver’s sleeper berth period was interrupted for 2 minutes due to a need to relocate the vehicle. Activities that momentarily interrupt a driver’s sleep are not considered to interrupt the driver’s sleeper berth status.

The drivers Licencia Federal de Conductors were checked and licenses were found to be active.

There were no reportable crashes nor other violations found during this period.

A third applicant, Moises Alvarez Perez DBA Distribuidora Marina El Pescador, a refrigerated carrier has undergone their PASA and awaiting the results from FMCSA.

Much ado about nothing.