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Teamsters Prez James Hoffa admits Mexican truckers aren’t joking around!

We haven’t heard much out of Teamsters President James Hoffa since the DC Court Appeals threw out the Teamsters and OOIDA’s bogus and frivolous lawsuit pertaining to the Mexican truck issue, but apparently, his silence has been broken, In an article published today in the Huffington Post, Hoffa rants about the recent decision by Mexicos

CANACAR says “Ya Basta!” Starts arbitration against United States for failure to comply with NAFTA Trucking provisions

  Mexico’s CANACAR transport association has commenced an arbitration action against the US, seeking $30 billion in compensation for Washington’s refusal to fully open the border to Mexican trucks, as required by the North American Free Trade Agreement more than 20 years ago. Canacar director Jose Refugio Muñoz Lopez said in an interview from Mexico

Participant in Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico has operating authority revoked by FMCSA

The Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico has been in operation for 28 months and a participant has had his authority to operate revoked by FMCSA after scoring a “Conditional” rating during a compliance review. SERGIO TRISTAN MALDONALDO DBA TRISTAN TRANSFER domiciled in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas was notified by the FMCSA on January 23, 2014 that their

Supreme Court rejects OOIDA’s bogus attempt to derail Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

The United States Supreme Court has refused, without comment, to hear the petition filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in their continuing effort to shut down cross border trucking with Mexico. OOIDA had petitioned the court for review of the decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals that rejected all of the arguments

2013 Cross Border Trucking Audit finds few problems in FMCSA’s Border truck enforcement.

In it’s annual report on the state of cross border trucking with Mexico, the USDOT Inspector General found that FMCSA was generally in compliance with rules established by Congress in 2002 generally referred to as Section 350(c). This years report covered deficiencies pertaining to bus inspections at border crossings suggesting that few if any problems

Road Machinery Co SA de CV approved to become 15th participant in Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

Road Machinery Co SA de CV domiciled in Cananea, Sonora has become the 15th carrier to earn the right to participate in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico, according to a letter from FMCSA Associate Administrator for Enforcement, William Quade to Shaun Kildare of Advocates for Highways and Auto Safety, one of several bogus safety

14th Mexican motor carrier, TRACSO, earns entrance into Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

Transportation & Cargo Solutions S de RL de CV aka TRACSO, a Mexican motor carrier domiciled in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, becomes the 14th Mexican carrier to pass their Pre-Authority Safety Audit and earn the right to participate in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. TRACSO operates 154 tractors as a drayage carrier operating within the

[TRACSO] – Another Mexican Carrier Ready to Enter Cross Border Pilot Program

FMCSA announced today the beginning of the 10 day comment period for the Mexican carrier Transportation and Cargo Solutions SA de CV (TRACSO) who recently passed it’s Pre-Authorization Safety Audit (PASA), a requirement prior to participating in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. Comments are being accepted now through October 10, 2013 for anyone wishing

Teamsters set to abandon legal fight against Mexican trucking – Seek other options through Congressional cronies.

  WORLD TRADE ONLINE is reporting that The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is considering abandoning its legal fight against the Mexican truck pilot program, instead opting to lobby it’s cronies in Congress into initiating hearings and providing more oversight for the program. Recently, the DC Court of Appeals rejected all arguments put forth against the program by

13th Mexican carrier earns participation in Cross Border Pilot Program

FMCSA has indicated it will be issuing operating authority to Sergio Tristan Maldonado operating under the trade name Tristan Transfer (USDOT#2348928) despite the frivolous and baseless objections from the Advocates for Highway Safety. Tristan Transfer will be the 13th participant in the Cross Border Pilot Program and will bring one truck and two drivers into the

Transportes Olympic adds 5 trucks to Cross Border Pilot Program

Everybody remembers Transportes Olympic don’t they? They were the first participant in the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration program with Mexico. The first participant in the 2009 Cross Border Pilot Program and the first to be granted permanent operating authority. Transportes Olympic recently added five 2014 Freightliner Cascadias to their cross border fleet bringing the total

Four more participants in Cross Border Pilot Program earn “Permanent Operating Authority”

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted permanent authority on May 23, to four more Mexican carriers participating in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. Five of the twelve participants now have this earned upgrade. FMCSA issued permanent authority to Moises Alveraz Perez, Servicios Refrigerados Internationals and Higienicos Y Desechables Del Bajo and Transportes

OOIDA follows TEAMSTERS lead in asking for rehearing of their lawsuit against Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program

It wasn’t totally unexpected following the announcement that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has filed an appeal with the D.C. Court of Appeals for an “en banc” hearing of their lawsuit against Mexican trucks, that OOIDA would step up to once again use the US Court system in a frivolous manner. That’s right boys and

Teamsters & Sierra Club ask D.C. Court of Appeals for “En Banc” hearing on failed Mexican truck lawsuit

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters along with the Sierra Club today asked for a “En Banc” hearing on its challenge to the Department of Transportation’s cross-border trucking program with Mexico. An “En Banc” hearing is a request for a hearing before the full Court. A three judge panel in April denied the Teamsters and OOIDA’s