Border opening possible by Sept. 1.

I rarely if ever agree with anything Jerome Corsi, one of the internets premier conspiracy theorists and the darling of programs like Rolly James and Steve Sommers, but he has finally written something that is backed up with facts, for the most part.

In his most recent article, Corsi reports on the recent FMCSA-OIG report to Congress.

He opinions on some of the issues coincide with mine.

A careful reading of the Aug. 6 FMCSA inspector general’s audit shows that no sentence in the report states that DOT may not proceed with the Mexican truck demonstration project until the requirements of the audit’s recommendations are met.

Mexico Trucker concurs with this conclusion as the recommendations are just that; RECOMMENDATIONS, not REQUIREMENTS. Also, it is interesting to note that one of the recommendations pertains to Bus inspections which have no bearing on the Mexican Pilot Truck Program. Furthermore, Mexican buses have had access to American highways for more than 5 years and enjoy an unblemished safety record.

Focusing on the yet unmet recommendations, American industry leaders had just assumed that the additional demands would block DOT from giving approval to the Mexican trucks to proceed.

We all know what happens when we “ass u me ” don’t we?

But then Corsi goes on to quote Todd Spencer who continues to lose relevancy on this issue.

Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, told WND the behavior of the FMCSA and DOT in pushing the Mexican truck demonstration project has been “reprehensible.”

“The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation under Secretary Mary Peters continue to thumb their noses at legitimate issues and important questions that have been raised by the American people and their elected representatives,” Spencer told WND.

Spencer said he considered it “possible” that DOT would give the green light to the Mexican truck demonstration project as early as next week, since the Aug. 6 audit did not specifically prohibit them from doing so.

Spencer noted that a start date as early as Sept. 1 would be an additional affront, since Congress is still out of town for their annual August recess.

“The Bush administration is determined to push this Mexican truck project down the throats of the American people and Congress,” Spencer stressed.

“Reading the inspector general’s report, there are many serious safety concerns that are still far from resolved,” he said. “Now we’re just supposed to ignore those recommendations and let the Mexican long-haul rigs roll anywhere they want in the United States, regardless whether it’s safe or not?”

Well Todd, I beg to differ with you on your observations and comments here. The only reprehensible behavior has been on the part of you, your organizations and others who have insisted on ignoring the facts of this issue, and pushing ahead with you deliberate campaigns of fear and misinformation. I also notice that because of this, your membership in OOIDA has grown a little. Preying on the fears of the ignorant is a good manner in which to pad the pocketbook I imagine.

I also take exception to your claims that “here are many serious safety concerns that are still far from resolved,”. I have studied all documents coming from the FMCSA and have reached a much different conclusion, a conclusion most reasonable and open minded people would arrive at.

Now it is time to sit back and see which side is correct in it’s assessment of this program. But I would point out, that from the beginning of MEXICO TRUCKER, practically every single thing that has been discussed here in opposition to the opponents charges has been verified by FMCSA through their vetting process of the Mexican trucks involved. I suspect that my observations and opinions here will continue to be proven true and valid.