85% of American’s polled say Cross Border Program should be reinstated

I’ve been unable to connect for most of the past week and was surprised to see the numbers of our current poll.

The question asked was “Should the US honor it’s word and reinstate the Mexican Cross Border Demonstration Project?”

Well, apparently 85% of the respondents think we should. Not surprising since there is a rising groundswell out there to do the right thing and reinstate the damned thing. Another 18 months isn’t going to hurt anything. To hell with the egos of Todd Spencer and Jimmy Hoffa.

I imagine my friends over on Kevin Rutherford’s site aren’t too happy with the results, and less so, since their discovery of the poll drove thousands to vote. Kevin has an interesting site and a great bunch of drivers participating. Check it out.

I guess we’ll send copies of the poll to Washington, Congress, FMCSA and others, as well as our friends in the print media. I can’t forget the 141+ groups and organizations that recently asked President Obama to resolve the issue quickly. More ammunition to help in the fight against the mexenophobics and protectionists.

Alliance starts trucking coalition

More good news from our friend David Hendricks who writes for the San Antonio Express News.

David is reporting that the FREE TRADE ALLIANCE has launched a Cross Border Trucking Coalition to advocate for a new cross-border trucking agreement between the United States and Mexico. More heavy hitters in the game.

The initial members of the coalition are Port San Antonio and Alice/Jim Wells County Economic Development Corp. Other applications are pending from companies, industry organizations, trade associations and chambers of commerce.

Let’s see if the Obama Administration can make a decision whether to continue to kiss Hoffa’s ass, or do the right thing and save American jobs by fulfilling our obligations.
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