13th Mexican carrier earns participation in Cross Border Pilot Program

Federal-Motor-Carrier-Safety-Administration-FMCSA-LogoFMCSA has indicated it will be issuing operating authority to Sergio Tristan Maldonado operating under the trade name Tristan Transfer (USDOT#2348928) despite the frivolous and baseless objections from the Advocates for Highway Safety.

Tristan Transfer will be the 13th participant in the Cross Border Pilot Program and will bring one truck and two drivers into the program.

On June 26, 2013, FMCSA posted notice for comments concerning this applicant asking the public for their comments on the fitness of this carrier to participate in the pilot program. Fitness, under the provisions of 49 CFR § 365.107 “require only the finding that the applicant is fit, willing, and able to perform the involved operations and to comply with applicable statutory and regulatory provisions. These applications can be opposed only on the ground that the applicant is not fit (e.g., is not in compliance with applicable financial responsibility and safety fitness requirements).”

Advocates and other opponents of Mexican trucks have been consistent in using bogus and frivolous arguments and baseless accusations in their efforts to delay participants entering the pilot program, using the mandated comment period for this purpose, and this time was no different.

FMCSA in their response to Advocates totally dismantled these arguments in such a manner that one would think we wouldn’t be seeing them in the future, although we know they will as they fit the agenda of these bogus advocates perfectly.

You can read FMCSA response to Advocates HERE.  

With Tristan Transfer being a totally new company, they will be required to undergo a Level I CVSA inspection each time they cross the border into the United States for the next 18 months, something not required of Canadian carriers. They’ll also be under the microscope for this period of time.

Tristan Transfer is domiciled in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas, across the border from Laredo Texas.

* US Vehicle OOS National Average is 20.72%
** US Driver OOS National Average is 5.51%



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