Witness steps forward in murder of Nogales teen by US Border Patrol

Isidro Alvarado, witness to murder of 16 year old in Nogales
Isidro Alvarado, 36, talks about what he saw on Oct. 10, 2012, when José Antonio Elena Rodríguez was killed, apparently by gunshots fired by Border Patrol agents from the U.S. side of the border at Nogales. -Photo- Perla Trevizo Arizona Star

A witness to the wanton and calculated cold blooded murder of a 16 year old Nogales Sonora teen, by unidentified agents of the US Border Patrol has stepped forward, firmly disputing the Border Patrols account of the incident which occurred in October of 2012.

Corpse of Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, victim of US Border Patrol
Body of 16 year old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez moments after his murder by US Border Patrol agents shooting through the wall that separates the two Nogales’s
According to a report in the ARIZONA STAR, Isidro Alvarado, 36, said he was walking less than 20 feet behind José Antonio Elena Rodríguez on the evening of October 10, 2012 when he saw two individuals run past him and disappear down an alleyway. Moments later, shots rang out from the direction of the border fence and Jose fell facedown, dead. Alvarado says Jose was doing nothing other than minding his business when he was murdered.

According to investigators and Border Patrol officials, they were pursuing two individuals on the Arizona side of the fence who were climbing back into Mexico carrying what is believed, but not confirmed to be bundles of marijuana strapped to their bodies.

They claim people on the Mexican side of the border began throwing rocks up an incline and over the fence, almost an impossibility, and “fearing for their lives” they (illegally) shot into Mexico killing the 16 year old, who was a few days shy of his 17th birthday.

Unlike some of the other recent murders by US Border Patrol Agents of Mexican citizens on sovereign Mexican soil, this incident was captured by Department of Homeland Security surveillance cameras. That video, despite repeated FOI requests by various media outlets including MTO, has not been released to the media.

José’s body was found on a sidewalk across Calle Internacional – about 40 feet from the border fence that sits on a descending bluff – with only an orange plastic lighter and a Blackberry in his pockets.

He was shot about eight times: twice to the head, once on his arm and five times on his back. At least five bullet wounds clustered on his upper back had to have struck him after he was down, according to a ballistics report by Sonora state investigators.

Nogales border fence
View of the area on the US side where unidentified US Border Patrol agent murdered a 16 year old boy on Mexican side of the fence
Consistent with the cover up of this murder by Border Patrol agents, Alvarado says he has not been contacted nor interviewed by investigators from the US nor from Mexico despite the fact that he was one of the first to report the crime to Mexican authorities.

The murder of this teen walking along a sidewalk in his own country, prompted an outcry from the Mexican government and those of us who value and treasure human and civil rights. As a result, an investigation supposedly has been opened into the super secret policies of the US Border Patrol’s “Use of Force”.

After a summer where the murders of Mexican citizens by Border Patrol firing their weapons across international borders became almost a monthly occurrence, with the excuse being that they were “under attack by rock throwers”, and the outcry raised by the murder of 16 year old José Antonio Elena Rodríguez, the incidents have stopped.

No more suspicious shooting by Border Patrol agents and no claims of rock throwing to justify the crimes of these rogue agents. So are we expected to believe that all of a sudden, from Matamoros to Tijuana, that these “rock throwers” have seen the light and decided to no longer assault the BP agents? Or is a more realistic scenario being that the claims by Border Patrol agents of being attacked by rock throwers to justify their criminal actions (ie: murdering innocent civilians) were totally bogus from the beginning?

Time will tell although we don’t have much faith in the DHS investigating one of it’s own.




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