What else is Marine Andrew Tahmooresi Hiding as New Details and Contradictions Emerge

Tahmooresi weapons
These are the weapons Marine veteran Andrew Paul Tahmooresi was caught apparently trying to smuggle into Mexico when he was arrested at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on the Mexican side, May 1, 2014

In the story we posted Monday that reported  irregularities in imprisoned Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooresi claims of innocence when he crossed the Mexican border at San Ysidro with prohibited weapons and over 400 rounds of ammunition, the San Diego Union Tribune did a follow up with even more information concerning the contradictions in Tahmooresi’s story.

On Tuesday, the Union Tribune confirmed that this wasn’t the vets first rodeo in Tijuana, that indeed, he had entered the country at least 6 times previously. That would seem to destroy his claims of innocence and of being lost and ending up on the Mexico side of the border.

But it gets more bizarre. An April 4 e-mail correspondence from Tahmooressi’s Mexican lawyer, Alejandro Osuna, seems to show that the attorney coached his client to not reveal the prior trips to Mexico. According to the e-mail, Osuna told his client to “stick to the script ” — which was that he was had never been to Tijuana and that he missed the last U.S. exit on Interstate 5 while driving to meet friends in San Ysidro.

“Andrew kept insisting he wanted to change it, but our concern was that if he mentioned he had been in Tijuana about six times prior to his detention (which seems to be the case), his story would have been less credible,” according the email, which was read to U-T San Diego by Hunter’s spokesman Joe Kasper

Osuna released a statement to U-T San Diego on Tuesday about his “stick to the script” email. “In my e-mail to his mother, my concern was that Andrew might utter something before the federal judge (that could be) used against him, even before we had complete knowledge of the facts,” Osuna wrote.

In many peoples opinion, Tahmooresi’s story had been completely without an ounce of credibility considering the signage as you approach the border and the delays in crossing encountered by US Customs officials checking vehicles for contraband leaving the country.

Alejandro Gonzalez Guilbot, head of Mexican customs in Tijuana came out with his own statement of events surrounding Tahmooresi’s arrest on April 1, 2014.

“All I can say is that the individual entered though a ‘nothing to declare lane’ with weapons that are for exclusive use of the Mexican military,” Gonzalez said. “He never said, ‘I got lost.’ He never said, ‘I am a Marine.’”

Mexican border officials pulled Tahmooressi’s truck into an inspection lane when they noticed his pickup didn’t have a front license plate and was loaded with items that included a ladder, according to Gonzalez.

He said inspectors soon found three weapons, all loaded. Tahmooressi has said he volunteered the information about the guns to inspectors.

A .45-caliber pistol was in a door pocket beneath the driver’s side window, Gonzalez said. The two other weapons were also within reach, he said. He described them as an AR MR-2 rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. Tahmooressi previously described the rifle as an AR-15.

Gonzalez said on average, customs inspectors find contraband weapons about once or twice a week. But in more than a year in that office, he said he has never seen “an arsenal of this size.”

According to Gonzalez, when Andrew Tahmooressi was questioned about why he crossed the border, the traveler gave two answers: That he was crossing to visit friends, and that he was coming for medical treatment.

Gonzalez rejected Tahmooressi’s claims that he told inspectors he crossed accidentally. “Never, and I want to say this categorically, never did he say that he had made a mistake.”

Alejandro Gonzalez Guilbot, head of Mexican Customs in Tijuana
Alejandro Gonzalez Guilbot, head of Mexican Customs in Tijuana rejected Tahmooressi’s claims that he told inspectors he crossed accidentally. “Never, and I want to say this categorically, never did he say that he had made a mistake., that he was lost or that he was a Marine and he did not indicate he had any weapons”

“In the end, it’s irrelevant whenever or not he crossed the border previously,” said Joe Kasper, Hunter’s spokesman. “Having been in San Diego a short while, he definitely didn’t have mastery of the border.”

One has to ask what the hell is “mastery of the border”? If you can read the signs, or understand the pictures on the signs, there should be no question of where you are.

But despite these damning contradictions to the Marines claims, are to put it more succinctly, his mommy and his lawyers instructions on what to say, his mommy and Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Alpine, are standing by the Marine veteran’s story of accidentally driving into Mexico.


We’ve seen examples in the recent past where families of Americans who have violated Mexico’s very strict and stringent gun laws have taken to social media to inflame the passions of those who indulge in what seems to be America’s new favorite pastime, hating the Mexicans and they all seem to use the same playbook. Facebook, Twitter, enlist the help of anti-Mexican Congress critters such as Duncan Hunter, who follows in the footsteps of his father in their attitude toward Mexicans and Mexico and fan the flames of indignation and hatred to demand the release of their loved ones.

How dare Mexico have the audacity to enforce their laws against and American who has ignored and broken them. They demand immediate release and some in Congress even go so far as to demand an end to foreign aid to Mexico until their demands are met.  However, when Mexico’s Congress and even their President request the United States and the state of Texas to do a simple review of a condemned Mexican national sitting on death row, to see if their rights to consular assistance with their case was ignored, we give them the finger and proceed with the executions. So why should Mexico give Tahmooseri or anyone in his situation any special treatment?

Jill Tahmooseri, with the help of the mother of another Marine who was arrested in 2012 when he took an antique shotgun across the border at Brownsville is following the playbook to the letter.

Jill Tahmooressi said she believes her son as would be expected of a mother. In an interview from her home in Florida where she is preparing for what supporters claim will be another nationwide protests in front of all the Mexican consulates in the United States, the mother said,

“One thing my son does not do is lie.  “He didn’t get meritoriously promoted on the battlefield if he wasn’t a credible person.”

Many of us don’t think it’s as much Andrew’s credibility as the people behind the push to get him freed.


If you didn’t believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny before this, you will when you here this.

 Congressman Duncan Hunter a big development in the case that proves Tahmooseri’s innocence or at least his version of events.

A 9-11 tape has surfaced and Hunter claims to have heard it.

A 9-11 tape? In Mexico? I think Mexico’s version is 055 or something similar.  But yes, we have a 9-11 tape.

Last night, that would be Wednesday, May 14, Tahmooseri was having a conversation with his sister, when all of a sudden, that’s right SUDDENLY, after a month and a half in the hoosegow, where he tried to escape and later attempted suicide, he miraculously remembers that on the night of his arrest, he called 9-11 from the Mexican side as he was being detained…

According to the transcript of the call………

 Tahmooressi: “I’m in a little bit of an emergency here.  I am at the border with Mexico right now, and my problem is I crossed the border by accident and I have three guns in my truck and they’re trying to take my guns from me.”

County 911 Operator:  “Unfortunately, you are on Mexican soil and there is nothing we can do, you must have missed the turnaround point”

Tahmooressi:  “Ok, Thank you”

and hangs up and calls his mother.

In the tape, the dispatcher mentions a warning posted along the freeway.

“There’s a huge sign that says it is illegal to enter Mexico with guns,” she tells him.

He responds by saying he had hoped there was a turnaround point, and the dispatcher tells him there was one.

“But not where I was,” he responds.

Hunter spokesman Joe Kasper said the tape may prove key in the efforts to get Tahmooressi freed.

“People get lost down there all the time. He was thinking he was still on the U.S. side of the border. The 9-1-1 call clearly shows it was an accident and it gives him a lot more credibility.”

The tape clearly shows nothing more than that Tahmooresi is a damned fool.

So he’s crossed six times previously by his own admission. Hunter’s office claims they have proof of his crossing at least twice from his bank records. So, in his previous crossings, did he take the weapons in and get lucky and not caught or were the previous trips to make a deal to sell the weapons and the 400 rounds of ammunition he was caught with.

Tahmoosori claims that once he walked across and another time a girlfriend drove him across, but what about the other four times?

That is silly conjecture though because according to Jill Tahmooseri, her son WOULD NEVER LIE!


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