We’re never too old to learn

When I listen to these ridiculous overnight trucking shows spreading their misinformation, most notable by it’s lack of factual information, I have often wondered about one thing.

The Mexican trucks I’ve seen for years operating beyond the 25 mile commercial zones. I’ve been curious, but since they never posed a threat to me or my job security and since they were operating in a non obtrusive manner, I paid them little mind.

While researching the history of the Mexican truck issue, I ran across the answer to this conundrum. Listen up Eric, Steve and Dale and the rest of you who claim these guys are violating our laws operating in this country.

In 1982, when the United States restricted Mexican carriers to the 25 mile commercial zone, the restriction only applied to those applying for authority after the date the restrictions were set in place. Before then, Mexican carriers were allowed to operate anywhere they cared to in this country and they did so in a safe manner.

Trucking companies from Mexico that had authority to operate in the U.S. were grandfathered in and permitted to continue operations to this day. The number of these Mexican carriers totaled over 800.

They are still permitted to operate separate from the Pilot Program and will continue to be allowed to. But how many do you see? Not many!

Oh, and while I think about it. Anyone wants to read some comments from a blog which features a lot of common sense thinking, try this site.