US Trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan’s “mistaken entry” into Mexico questioned once again.

TxDPS border inspection area
As we’re exiting, to the right is the Texas DPS inspection area for trucks coming from Mexico into the US
Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan, the US trucker from Dallas, arrested in April when he “mistakenly” crossed the US border into Mexico with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition, has maintained through his attorney and his mommy, that it was all a horrendous mistake. The result of “bad information” from a uniformed officer on the US side of the Bridge of the Americas and a faulty GPS which sent him onto road leading into Mexico.

A spokesman for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rebuffed the former claim shortly after it was made maintaining none of his officers, who control the area in question, had no contact with Bogan or any trucker on that day trying to turn around. The spokesman further maintained that his agency and it’s officers would NEVER tell a trucker to enter Mexico to turn around.

Bogan was originally charged with “smuggling ammunition exclusive for military or other restricted use” into Mexico, a very serious violation of Mexico’s gun laws which carries a sentence of up to 30 years. Earlier this month, the Judge assigned the case reduced the charges to simple “Possession of ammunition” which carries a 2 – 6 year prison term.

Currently, we’re waiting on the judges decision on the appropriate sentence for Bogan, a decision that was supposed to have been made two weeks ago, but was delayed. Some think the delay is to give Bogan’s mommy and miniscule group of supporters time to gather the money for the fine that will most likely accompany the judgement.


We took a road trip to El Paso this past weekend and just for shits and giggles decided to confirm what we already knew by retracing “Wrong Way” Bogans last journey that put him over the Bridge of the America’s and into the loving arms and custody of the Mexican justice system.

The methodology was simple. I took Loop 375 west following the same route Bogan should have been following. My 2012 Nissan Juke is equipped with an in-dash nav unit. I also had the Garmin Nuvi that I use in my big rig mounted on the windshield. Both units were programmed with a destination of Anthony New Mexico, just across the Texas border. Sufficient for this recreation. Bogan’s third stop in El Paso was in Sunland Park.

The map data in the Nuvi hasn’t been upgraded since I bought the unit 3 years ago. The Nissan unit in the dash has current maps. There was little variance in the two. The Nissan in-dash unit instructed me to take I-110 to Interstate 10 and go west. The Nuvi instructed me to continue on Loop 375 to I-10.

What I discovered was that contrary to Bogan’s claim that his GPS sent him into Mexico by mistake, that the road signs were confusing, that there was no way to turn around, that traffic prevented him from getting in the correct lane to continue to his third drop; the route that he was supposed to have taken, and the route he took was well marked. There was ample opportunity to turn around if needed and ideally, he would have needed to take an exit marked specifically “Juarez Mexico” to have ended up on the Bridge of the America’s and ultimately where he is today.

At this point, the balls in the hands of the Mexican judge who is deciding sentence for Bogan. And truthfully, whatever the sentence is, it is of no importance to me personally nor this site. What will be, will be. Bogan has his supporters who will take any and every opportunity to bash Mexico as they are doing in this case, by maintaining he is innocent and a “victim”, disregarding his extensive criminal background and the niggling little questions that keep popping up about his version of what happened.

You decide. A picture is worth a thousand words.