U.S.-Mexico border fence is deja vu all over again

One of the most interesting things about years passing and thinking that we progress from year to year is finding out how little some things really change.

An Associated Press article out of Washington that appeared in the May 21, 1942, El Paso Herald-Post. The headline

“Senate Okays $50,000 For E.P. Border Fence.”

“The senate voted $50,000 today to build a 25-mile long barbed-wire fence along the Mexican border west of El Paso, although Minority Leader McNary questioned the wisdom of using essential materials for such a project.

How does this jibe with our good neighbor policy toward Mexico?’ McNary asked when the item came up as an amendment to a $425,703,000 appropriations bill for the State, Justice and Commerce departments and the federal judiciary.

We want to keep the good neighbor policy on both sides of the border,’ retorted Senator McCarran.

Is the fence supposed to keep out smugglers or cattle?’ McNary asked.

Smugglers,’ McCarran said.

Well,’ said McNary, shaking his head, ‘it must be quite a fence.’

The Senate passed the measure, carrying $204,625,000 more than the House voted, and returned it to the House.

The fence has been sought by immigration and customs authorities for years. It will simplify patrolling the border.”

That was 66 years ago. Wonder what the headlines will read in another 66 years?

Charlie Edgren / El Paso Times Staff

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