US Consulate in Monterrey attacked with guns and grenade

Seal of US Department of StateUnknown gunmen shot at the US Consulate in Monterrey and threw a grenade at the building, which did not explode. No one was injured according to a Consulate spokesman.

Two unidentified men approached the US Consulate General. One of them fired several times hitting the gates and a window. The second man threw a hand grenade which did not explode because the man forgot to pull the pin, according to the statement issued concerning Sunday mornings incident.

Six bullet casings from the pistol were found at the scene.

Local Police and US Federal investigators scoured the scene looking for more evidence, but at this time, no motive had been determined.

The Consulate, which processes immigrant visas for Mexican’s and provides services for US citizens was closed today due to the Columbus Day holiday but will be open for business as usual on Tuesday.

A Police spokesman said the small caliber weapons used and the unexploded grenade could be a sign the attack was carrier out by amateurs or people angry at simply being denied a visa to cross the border. It could possibly have something to do with the falling value of the peso which is causing hardship to many Mexicans and is a result of the global economic crisis which began in the US.

Authorities have also not ruled out a drug hit although that seems unlikely with the type of weapons used.