UPDATED: San Antonio police find illegals in parked 18-wheeler

Authorities took a Smithway Motor Express driver into custody after several undocumented immigrants were found inside his 18-wheeler parked at a South Side convenience store.

Undercover drug officers stumbled upon the 18-wheeler during a drug investigation Tuesday night, when they pulled over a man during drug bust at a Shell Gas Station in the 5800 block of South Pan Am Expressway.

As police surrounded the man’s pickup truck, officers heard a noise coming from the nearby 18-wheeler and discovered seven illegal immigrants inside the cab of the truck.

A store clerk told investigators, the big rig had been parked at the truck stop since 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

It’s possible that the men and women were stuck in the vehicle as yesterday’s high flirted near 100 degrees.

Paramedics examined the illegal immigrants before they were placed in Immigration and Custom Enforcement custody.

The driver, who was just hired on May 6, is an employee of Smithway Motor Xpress Inc. based out of Fort Dodge, Iowa.

An official with the trucking company told Mexico Trucker Online that the driver is from Georgia and picked up a load in Del Rio.

This is more proof of what we’ve been saying for years. It isn’t the Mexican Cross Border participants smuggling in the illegals and drugs. Hell, that comes across the border in a different manner not associated with trucks. It is the “patriotic” American professional driver who thinks he can make a quick buck off the misery of others.

And this fool would probably have made it to his destination had he not made the extended stop in San Antonio.