Two in a row! More B.S. from the master, Jimmy Hoffa!

First Bozo and now Jimmy Hoffa. It amazes me how when desperation sets in, the bullshit intensifies.

If you want to read the whole article, you can read his crap here. But we’re going to look at some excerpted paragraphs and show how this SOB has no morals when it comes to shading the truth.

He’s talking of course, about the cross border program and the accident last week on the Pharr-Reynosa bridge here in Texas.

tractor-trailers routinely make U-turns on the Mexican side of the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge when drivers realize they’re missing the proper documentation to cross the international border. Or maybe they’re trying to avoid inspections.

That was stupid opinion Number one!

The roads in Mexico simply aren’t as safe as they are in the United States.

That’s another misconception and lie Hoffa and the critics want you to believe. Personal experience tells me differently.

Whether people die on our highways seems to be of little concern to the Bush administration. They desperately want to throw open our borders to Mexican trucks.

The “fear factor” in full gear! He seems to forget that for 40 years, thousands of Mexican trucks have had full access to the US and have not been confined to the commercial zones. So what is so special about these 57 trucks in the program? Is Hoffa afraid that as the program successfully concludes, he will once again be proven a blowhard idiot? He shouldn’t worry. He’s already been proven to be that many times over.

Congress doesn’t like that idea so much. Since 2002, laws have been put on the books that require the Transportation Department to prove highway safety won’t be affected before — not after — a pilot project opens the border to long-haul trucks from Mexico.

And time after time, this has been proven. But unfortunately, there is no level of proof acceptable to the likes of Jimmy Hoffa and Todd Spencer, short of an edict from God. And where it concerns the Mexican trucks, I am not so certain that would be enough.

The Bush administration doesn’t care that Mexican trucks aren’t as safe as ours. The Bush administration doesn’t care that border inspection stations are overwhelmed. The Bush administration doesn’t care that Congress passed law after law requiring proof that a cross-border pilot program wouldn’t affect safety.

Not as safe as our trucks? Wow! Statistics and documentation available to Mexico Trucker disprove this contention completely. Border inspections stations are fully capable of dealing with the commercial traffic we have now. After all, the funds they want to cut off, go to maintain, upgrade the stations and train new inspectors. Cut the funding? All in the name of safety? Something ain’t adding up here.

The Bush administration now claims it doesn’t understand the English language.The Transportation Department says the law doesn’t apply to the pilot project.

I think the administration understands the law and the wording perfectly. In this post, I think I fully explained where we are at. And in other posts on this site, I foretold that the word “establish” would be the key to the continuance of the program.

Our brief states that the Bush administration “has not and cannot dispute the extensive legislative history that makes crystal clear Congress’ specific intent to stop the pilot program.”

Whiny whiny whiny! Who gives a rat’s ass about legislative history which only proves the Teamsters have paid of the right PAC’s! I imagine if the Teamsters were for this program, they wouldn’t be worried about legislative intent, now would they!

February 12 is around the corner. It will be an interesting day. I predict victory for the FMCSA. It’s hard to pay off a Federal Judge.