Trucking Bozo spreading more fear and hate!

So what’s new?

I happened to tune in to the show this afternoon about 4:55 (EST) to hear Dale Sommers begin his rant about the [cref 4-dead-on-international-bridge-connecting-reynosa-pharr accident on the Pharr-Reynosa bridge.]

And as usual, not wanting to let the facts interfere with his warped and prejudiced opinion against anything Mexican, he let us all have a piece of his mind.

And no Trucking Bozo, I do not have my “head up my ass” as you stated is the case with anyone who disagrees with your views.

Perhaps you should read the facts and report them as they are written. True, these idiots make the u-turns on occasion for the reasons given. But you statement about it happening all the time on the Mexican side and only twice in 15 years is patently false.

“Two accidents in 15 years” according to the director of the bridge! Get the facts right fool!

Murder? No! Vehicular manslaughter, a good possibility. And of course the Mexican driver will fight the charges in a Texas court of law, the same as anyone else. And he will be found guilty and he will serve his time in a Texas penitentiary.

But where it differs Mr Bozo, is that this driver could also face charges in a Mexican court, depending where the illegal U-turn commenced. In the least, he will lose his Licencia Federal de Conductor for 10 years, although in a case such as this, a lifetime suspension is probably the outcome.

And Mr Bozo! Despite what you and others are trying to convince the American public about, this has nothing at all to do with Mexican trucks in the context you use it.

Neither of these carriers are part of the legal cross border program which continues to progress safely and without incident. These were two border shuttle truck operating under OP-2MX authority. And since I am certain you know nothing about that, that is the authority that authorizes Mexican trucks to operate within the border commercial zone.

You had a good suggestion about the woman you secretly fantasize about, Mary Peters. I assume that to be the case since you always are speaking of her. Put her in a Mexican truck on Mexican highways for a month. Better yet, why don’t you and Jimmy Hoffa and Todd Spencer and the Senators ya’ll have bought and paid for, get off your fat asses and come on down here and make a trip with some Mexican truckers? It is guaranteed to prove you wrong on all the fear factors about Mexico that you are putting out to your listeners and readers.

We don’t hear much about spectacular crashes such as this one in Mexico because they rarely happen, which attests to the responsible and skilled operations of the Mexican trucker. But every day, without fail, there are dozens of crashes in the US involving big rigs, some with fatalities other’s without. We hear about freeways being closed for hours because of the unsafe and in some cases, reckless operation of the big rigs by American drivers. But you don’t dwell on that do you?

I returned from a weekend in Montemorelos Nuevo Leon yesterday and going down and returning to Nuevo Laredo, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new equipment on Mexican highways. Before, it seemed as if the truck of choice for the Mexican carriers was the Freightliner Century and Columbia, but more and more, I am seeing nice, fuly loaded Kenworth T-660’s on the road. Imagine that? Couldn’t find any “junk” trucks as you claim are here. I did see a couple of old Dina 800 5 ton ten wheelers, still hauling freight. We’ll never see them on US highways though.

Christ, these trucks are from the 60’s and 70’s and still doing a days work! Kinda blows away your argument about ill maintained junk equipmen, doesn’t it!

But then, when have you ever let the facts get in the way of your opinion!

  • Joshua

    I'll make this short and sweet. Proceeding safely? I think not.

    "In the span of one year, Sept. 21, 2006, through Sept. 21, 2007, the four Mexican motor carriers amassed more than 1,700 violations. One of the companies averaged more than 112 violations per truck for the 10 power units in the fleet during that year."

    “I observe that these motor carriers also received many violations for which an out-of-service order should have been issued, but was not,” Craig testified.

  • I'll make this short and sweet Joshua!

    1. What four Mexican motor carriers. None that are involved in the cross border program. That's for certain or they would not be involved. (and don't come back with the crap OOIDA is pushing. That has been disproved already)

    2. If a truck deserves an OOS order, it gets one. Without regard to nationality.

    3. Once again, Todd Spencer and OOIDA is pointing to cross border shuttles and not Mexican line haul rigs as examples of why the program should be stopped. Why? Because the Mexican line hauler are exactly like us! No difference. With all the good, the bad and the indifferent!

    Get used to it! They're here and truth is, most of you wouldn't know a Mexican line haul truck if it came up next to you and blew his horn!

  • Joshua

    Not to get into a pissing match, but do you have any links to some research into the matter? All I want to see is proof that trucks traveling into the U.S. are held to the same regulations that American truckers are and so far from what I've seen, that isn't the case. But, I would like to read and forward more research along if you have it.

    And I was listening to the show you're ranting about in your initial post, and I believe that Mr. Summers was quoting border officials when he said that Mexican trucks do it all the time (U-Turn) on their side.

  • I have no intent of getting into a pissing match because this is a subject that can be discussed in a mature manner.

    You see, the American public, American truckers, have been fed a line of bullshit by people like the Teamsters, OOIDA, Public Citizen and the rest, based on assumptions, rather than facts.

    Other's use their bigotry, fears and prejudices all disguised as patriotism to further push the anti Mexican agenda and try to combine illegal immigration and Mexican trucks into one issue. One has nothing to do with the other.

    You're correct. Sommers was quoting "border officials" as well as Jimmy Hoffa's ridiculous slur about "avoiding inspections", but if you are a regular listener to Sommer's show, you know his attitude towards Mexico and Mexicans in general.

    There are links all over this site to take you to the information you seek. The download section of this site has documentation detailing exactly how the program is structured, the rules the Mexican carriers will run under (the same as ours, only with stricter enforcement).

    You will find links and downloads concerning requirements for the Mexican CDL or Licencia Federal de Conductor, which contrary to what Steve Sommers, his daddy and Bubba Bo suggest, cannot be purchased on the street corner.

    It is ludicrous for anyone to say, assume or believe those who push the concept that Mexican carriers are getting any type of break from USDOT rules.

    They are required to pass a Safety Audit before authority is issued, as opposed to American and Canadian carriers which are given provisional authority and a grace period of 18 months before their first audit.

    All Mexican line trucks that will operate beyond the 25 mile commercial zone must have a CVSA sticker prior to entering the country. If they don't have one, they have a level one done on the truck or driver before being allowed to proceed.

    That is being enforced. It doesn't sound as if the Mexicans are getting any kind of a break to me.

    All Mexican trucks entering this country are screened. Every damned last one of them when they cross the border. All border crossings now have passive radiation detectors in both the auto, pedestrian and commercial lanes. All trailers, containers, straight trucks etc are screened. In Texas, all of the commercial crossings and most regular border crossings have gamma x-ray machines in secondary inspections.

    If a person opens his mind and looks as the evidence available here and on government websites concerning this issue, and thinks for himself, you'll see the bill of goods being handed to you.

    And surely, 57 Mexican line haul trucks are not causing the economic damage, the chaos, and the carnage that some suggested would happen.

    And everyone seems to ignore the 850-1035 Mexican companies who have authority to operate in the entire US from before the 1982 moritorium was imposed.

    Why do they ignore these companies? Perhaps because they have been operating safely, passing their audits, and perhaps following the rules. Therefore, there is nothing there for the critics to complain about.

    The oppostion claims National security is at risk. How? Unlike US and Canadian drivers, Mexican drivers are required to have a Passport or Laser Visa, with a I-9 entry/exit permit. TO obtain these, they undergo a criminal background check by the US government. If you listen to Jimmy Hoffa and the rest, there are no criminal background checks for Mexican drivers. Another "exaggeration" exposed.

    We could go on and on. But if you think about it, most of the claims of the opposition or not based on fact, simply a manner to push their agenda through fear and ignorance.

    Oh, and the U-turn? I don't know if it happens all the time. There are no signs on any of the bridges forbidding it that I've seen. A really stupid move which the driver will pay for with his freedom and his career. But there is no shortage of stupidity amongst US and Canadian drivers either.

    Oh, and check the photo galleries on this site. Those are actual Mexican trucks which run the highways here. No different from what we operate in the US. Absolutely no difference except for the size of the wheelbase on some to compensate for the double 48's some of them pull down here.

  • Joshua

    Thanks for your detailed reply. However, I am aware of most rules and regulations that the Mexicans must follow and adhere to. Problem is, are they ACTUALLY being enforced? Just because something is the law doesn't mean it's followed. For example, just because it's against the law to break into this country and live here with criminal intent doesn't mean people DON'T do it and it doesn't mean cops don't look the other way half the time. If they didn't, theoretically we wouldn't have many illegal aliens, right? Why would a cop look the other way half the time? Half the time it does no good, it's a further drain on the system, and who knows they probably really do get some flack for wasting everyone's time. There's occasional sting operations that round up large groups at a time, sure.

    Anyways, getting off track here. I just wanted to make that quick comment. I wasn't really referring to any single incident in particular above, just creating an example. I'm going to do some more reading and what not.

    • im not taking any sides but check out the video of mexican trucks on youtube gonzotrucker youtube chanel. it was filmed in mexico.

      • Interesting videos Lance. Thanks for sharing. You’re not taking sides when you’re showing the truth and if the truth favors one side or the other, so be it.

    • Joshua, Laws in Mexico are enforced about the same as they are here. Go figure. It’s not the law’s themselves, but the enforcers that make the difference.

  • The question should be, why would you think they are not being enforced?

    If you drive a truck, you should know how the cops and DOT mess with trucks for any little thing. Here in Texas, it's not uncommon for a trucker to be pulled over for a mud flap "flapping" in the wind! It gives the trooper probably cause to do just about anything he cares to do and in the end, write a warning for the mudflap.

    And again, the Mexican trucks in this program and in the country have absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration. These are professional drivers, the same as myself and other Americans and Canadians.

    But I will take exception to what you say about "breaking into the country and living here with criminal intent", which I think may be your underlying purpose here.

    They walk across the border looking for work to support their families back home. They do not have criminal intent when they come here, the majority, that is. Their crime is no more serious, penalty wise, than what you would receive for a DUI, and a hell of a lot less dangerous.

    You talk about a "drain" on our system? That's another big scare tactic.

    If these people who are here illegally, are working, most having income and SS taxes withheld from their pay, without regard into what SS account it goes, then they are contributing and not taking.

    They are not eligible nor can they receive Section 8 housing assistance, food stamps, WIC, unless they have a child born here.

    And where do we get these numbers everyone is throwing around out there? Last I knew, it was illegal to ask a person their legal status.

    For instance, do they look at a hospital emergency room in East LA or South Houston where there is a large Hispanic community and use that as an example?

    Most of these illegals do not touch anyone's lives in a negative way. They are mostly an invisible people.

    Personally, I think we need to take a hard look at the immigration laws we have. The idea that there are hundreds of thousands teeming at our borders ready to cross is ludicrous.

    The idea that if they are given permission to enter the country they will disappear into society is also ridiculous.

    People are going to have to quit listening to the fear mongers and look at this issue in a logical common sense manner or nothing will change.

    You can sanction employers, you can deport or let them self deport and nothing will change.

    A wall, a fence, will only change the migration patterns to more dangerous terrain.

    In the immigration debate, a "path to citizenship" needs to be off the table. The majority of those here are not interested and have no interest in becoming permanent residents. Historically, they come to work 9 months and go home for three or four. It's been that way for almost 100 years.

    People blame Mexico and say the send and encourage their people to come north. Not true. Mexico is an open and democratic society. The people can come and go as they please. And while Mexico does not stop their people, they do prosecute those who profit off of the migrants. It is called "human trafficking" and there is rarely a day passed that there is not an article in the papers where another "coyote" has been arrested and jailed for the crime.

    But this is a complicated issue, with no clear cut solution. The knee jerk reactions of the extremists are the last thing we need at this point in time

  • C. Turnbow

    You apperently have been living in a cave or have your head so far up your backside you can't see the day light. The truck drivers in California that come from Mexico are the worst I have ever seen, they are rude and inconsiderate. As for the equipment I have been in Juarez and south of McAllen in the Mexican trucks so believe me I know where the junk is. And as for the Bozo he has done more for this industry and forgot more than you will ever know.I do not always agree with him but believe me I know he has enough common since to check things out befor he opens his mouth ,apperently you do not. We all need to remember the Alamo and the enamy is still right south of the Rio Grande. Of course you are intitled to your opinion and you can print it in this country not like in Mexico. Oh by the way if Mexico is so great why dont your people just stay there.

  • Actually, I haven't been in cave but in one of my palatial casa's in Nuevo Laredo or Montemorelos NL, when time permits

    How do you know where the truck drivers in California come from or anywhere else for that matter? Because they look Mexican? They're probably Mexican American and like many Americans when they get behind the wheel of a car or truck, they are rude.

    So what equipment have you seen on your journey's to the whore bars in Juarez with the truck stop shuttle services or south of McAllen? Old JB Hunt and Schneider trucks? They look about the same as you would see pulling containers in LA or Houston. Those are not the Mexican trucks being used in the US beyond the commercial zones. You could not tell a Mexican cross border truck from and an American truck if it was in a line in front of you.

    Bozo has done nothing for this industry of late other than spread his particular brand of hate and feed upon the fears and prejudices of his listeners, just as he has been doing all of this week.

    Everything published on this site has been checked and back checked and is the most current information on the subject available. Of course, if it had the seal of God almighty himself, people such as yourself would not permit the facts to interfere with your version or opinion.

    And as an American, I can say this. Fuck the Alamo! We got them back at San Jacinto. Get over it!

    Oh, and use spell check. Your post shows your obvious lack of the most basic education.

  • tony

    Dale Sommers A.K.A. “The Trucking Bozo” does not hate all things Mexican.I happen to know for a fact that Taco Bell is his favorite place to get authentic Mexican food.

  • Good one Tony! I needed the laugh today!

    All you have to do is listen to him talk and pass along his erroneous information to know what I am saying.

    From his idea of banditos and corrupt cops at every turn to for whatever reason his belief that the fuels available here are any different from what we buy in the US, other than the cost.

    But hell, Taco Bell is about as far from real Mexican food as one can get!

    Take care

  • american driver

    keep mexico trucks out of my country. mexicans suck, there trucks suck, all they are good for is cutting grass. stay in your own country, thats your country and this is mine. if you dont like your country, then do something about.

  • PMC

    I am doing something about it. Trying to educate ignoramuses such as yourself who refuse to let the facts get in the way of their opinions or the opinions they are told to have!

    The thing of it is, that Mexican trucks have had full access to the United States for 50 years and continue to have it today. Those that had authority before the moratorium of 1982 that were grandfathered in. You never hear about those because they have been operating safely and without conflict with American carriers.

    But you don't want to hear that now do you!


  • Darrel Bernard

    This is my opinion. Keep the Mexicans on their side of the river. They are not wanted nor needed here in the U.S.A

  • PMC

    As they say, opinions are like assholes!

  • it was filmed in mexico in a border town.