Trucking Bozo spreading more fear and hate!

So what’s new?

I happened to tune in to the show this afternoon about 4:55 (EST) to hear Dale Sommers begin his rant about the [cref 4-dead-on-international-bridge-connecting-reynosa-pharr accident on the Pharr-Reynosa bridge.]

And as usual, not wanting to let the facts interfere with his warped and prejudiced opinion against anything Mexican, he let us all have a piece of his mind.

And no Trucking Bozo, I do not have my “head up my ass” as you stated is the case with anyone who disagrees with your views.

Perhaps you should read the facts and report them as they are written. True, these idiots make the u-turns on occasion for the reasons given. But you statement about it happening all the time on the Mexican side and only twice in 15 years is patently false.

“Two accidents in 15 years” according to the director of the bridge! Get the facts right fool!

Murder? No! Vehicular manslaughter, a good possibility. And of course the Mexican driver will fight the charges in a Texas court of law, the same as anyone else. And he will be found guilty and he will serve his time in a Texas penitentiary.

But where it differs Mr Bozo, is that this driver could also face charges in a Mexican court, depending where the illegal U-turn commenced. In the least, he will lose his Licencia Federal de Conductor for 10 years, although in a case such as this, a lifetime suspension is probably the outcome.

And Mr Bozo! Despite what you and others are trying to convince the American public about, this has nothing at all to do with Mexican trucks in the context you use it.

Neither of these carriers are part of the legal cross border program which continues to progress safely and without incident. These were two border shuttle truck operating under OP-2MX authority. And since I am certain you know nothing about that, that is the authority that authorizes Mexican trucks to operate within the border commercial zone.

You had a good suggestion about the woman you secretly fantasize about, Mary Peters. I assume that to be the case since you always are speaking of her. Put her in a Mexican truck on Mexican highways for a month. Better yet, why don’t you and Jimmy Hoffa and Todd Spencer and the Senators ya’ll have bought and paid for, get off your fat asses and come on down here and make a trip with some Mexican truckers? It is guaranteed to prove you wrong on all the fear factors about Mexico that you are putting out to your listeners and readers.

We don’t hear much about spectacular crashes such as this one in Mexico because they rarely happen, which attests to the responsible and skilled operations of the Mexican trucker. But every day, without fail, there are dozens of crashes in the US involving big rigs, some with fatalities other’s without. We hear about freeways being closed for hours because of the unsafe and in some cases, reckless operation of the big rigs by American drivers. But you don’t dwell on that do you?

I returned from a weekend in Montemorelos Nuevo Leon yesterday and going down and returning to Nuevo Laredo, I was pleasantly surprised to see the new equipment on Mexican highways. Before, it seemed as if the truck of choice for the Mexican carriers was the Freightliner Century and Columbia, but more and more, I am seeing nice, fuly loaded Kenworth T-660’s on the road. Imagine that? Couldn’t find any “junk” trucks as you claim are here. I did see a couple of old Dina 800 5 ton ten wheelers, still hauling freight. We’ll never see them on US highways though.

Christ, these trucks are from the 60’s and 70’s and still doing a days work! Kinda blows away your argument about ill maintained junk equipmen, doesn’t it!

But then, when have you ever let the facts get in the way of your opinion!