TRUCKERS BEWARE – October 2013 Call for Shutdown has nothing to do with Trucking issues.

Zeeda Andrews Hutton
Zeeda Andrews or Zeeda Hutton is the force behind the ill conceived call for a truckers strike in October of 2013. Her only apparent connection to the trucking industry was promoting the Petro Truck Stop chain years ago while sponsored by Mack Trucks

The more I’ve studied the call for a nationwide truckers shutdown on October 11 -13, 2013, the more it’s become apparent that the issues raised have absolutely nothing to do with the issues facing truckers today. Instead, it is one persons attempt to spread the conspiracy theories and lunacy of Alex Jones and others of his ilk for whatever reason. 15 minutes of fame or simply to show their insipid stupidity.

As previously reported, the Facebook page seems to have been established by someone whose only connection to the trucking industry was promos she did for the Petro while being sponsored by Mack Trucks Inc. Zeeda Andrews or Zeeda Hutton freely admits on the FACEBOOK SHUTDOWN PAGE to being the force behind this irresponsible effort.

Under her photo, which is not very becoming, she wrote;

Hello Patriots! I have had a lot of you that would like to know who the admin’s are. My name is Zeeda Andrews aka Zeeda Hutton. I am a country singer from Knoxville Tennessee known to the truckers as Cowgirl. At one time back in the day I was sponsored by Mack Trucks Inc and Petro Truck Stops of America. I indorsed the fuel island while Mel Tillis indorsed the Restaurant The Iron Skillet. 

I spent a lot of time on the road promoting my records and doing concerts at Petro Truck Stops. Many truckers know who I am, my last concert was at the Petro in Knoxville Tennessee by the split at Watts rd. I was doing my video which opened with the truckers in a convoy promoting my Flag song. The truckers are special hard working people that are true Patriots. I have traveled with them for years in the cradle with my sister that was my manager. I have wonder memories and would like to hear from you give me a shout out….God Bless America and America Bless God!!

We imagine she has spent a lot of time in the “cradle” with truckers. Anybody ever heard of her?

The issues she raises are sure to be close to truckers hearts.

  • Impeach President Obama [For what? Being a black man in the White House? That’s good enough reason for some]
  • Congressional Hearings on Benghazi [Been there, done that, but the results are not what the wingnuts want to hear]
  • Congressional Hearings on Seal Team Six [What the hell did they do wrong?]
  • Louis Lerner put in jail [They mean Lois Lerner who was at the center of the IRS scandal.]
  • No Amnesty  [ Another wingnut wet dream as there is no amnesty being proposed]
  • Remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution [Obviously they mean our Christian President]
  •  Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. [ Er, yeah, right]
  • Fuel Prices [Not much the President can do about fuel prices which are controlled by geo-political events and Republican speculators.

So, does anyone need further proof that this is about a loonytoon driven agenda using the American Trucker as a tool of fools?

Well, here it is, straight from the mind that brought you Infowars. Sent to me by a credible, mostly unimpeachable source, this appears to be  Zeeda Andrews website. DEFENDING LIBERTY PROJECT contains all the Obama bashing conspiracy theories and wingnut thoughts from the ultra right wing tea baggers.

As the title to this article suggests, the October Truckers Strike is a sham. There is no other word to describe it.


In the previous article we also mentioned an effort to solicit donations for fuel for “patriotic truckers” to get to Washington. A noble effort indeed if this was a valid job action, but the website DONATETRUCKFUEL also appears to be an effort by someone not remotely associated with the trucking industry to scam hard earned money from the pockets of America’s truckers.

The domain, DONATETRUCKFUEL was bought yesterday afternoon (9-19-2013) by an enterprising investor named Craig Rosenfeld of Nanuet, New York. Mr Rosenfeld also owns the doman and his email address is associated with 595 other domains in the whois database.

People, use some common sense if you have any, and don’t send any money to this cause. You’ll not be helping your fellow trucker and will only be benefiting a person who saw an opportunity to fleece you of you hard earned cash.

You want to make changes in Washington? Do it at the ballot box. Utilize the comment period when FMCSA passes new regulations that will harm, not help the industry.  And if you comment, use a little common sense. Comments such as besmirching the President, passing on wingnut conspiracy theories and such are simply ignored.


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  • CraigRosenfeld

    Go to hell Porter. I was trying to do a good thing. I actually own over 1,000 domains; its my business.

  • CraigRosenfeld Good for you Craig, but the truckers don’t need any more problems than we have now, especially some over the hill singer nobodies ever heard of trying to push Alex Jones and other wingnuts conspiracy theories for whatever reason… Have a wonderful day friend.

  • InYoFace

    Friggin idiot. Tool of fools? You must be one of them fools. If you think accusations made against Obama are conspiracies than you really are an ignorant fool who has not been paying attention to current events, but here you go preaching about something you know nothing about. If enough truckers really do shutdown, it don’t matter the original reason behind the strike. It’ll still, hopefully, tell many consumers that we are indeed people and can’t live without us. And you will run out of fuel and food within a day. And starve.

  • @InYoFace Yes, I agree with you. By your comment, you do appear to be a Friggin’ Idiot!!!

  • hahahahahahahahahah

    PMCorn CraigRosenfeld hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahaha

  • The Luchador

    I stand with them regardless of their connections to the trucking industry. It goes much larger than that.

  • AxelAnderson

    Lol! “Mexico Trucker Online?” Seems to me you Mexican truckers ought to STFU and worry about the cesspool of a country you come from. You have no business influencing American truckers and how the feel about the big issues facing the U.S.A. Mexicans wouldn’t be climbing fences and fording rivers to get to Estados Unidos if their own country wasn’t a dirty, corrupt, failing 3rd world toilet. Patriotic Truckers will roll for American freedom and the defeat of the current Marxist Administration . . . and there’s nothing you foreign chuckleheads can do about it.

  • mexitruckerisafucktard

    Mexico trucker can truck his ignorant ass back to mexico. We don’t need ignorant low lifes like you in this country. Nobody said this was about the truckers. Its been about standing up to a government that fails to represent its people!

  • Chris Busing

    I would also like to point out, that just below the whole rantings of this lunatic, under the “like this” portion, it tells me to be the first to like it.  Not gettin very far are ya dumbass?

  • TexasTallChick68

    Wow…. you really are an idiot. How long has the wool been over your eyes exactly? I stand with the US truckers who back the US Constitution. You obviously just needed some attention.

  • reepotomac

    The US has no government. It has a criminal organization acting AS a government. That is what this is about.

  • FreeAmericanLora

    USA has done lost our freedom and you are blind to it!  I stand with the US truckers who back the US Constitution, and am very proud to do so! I guess you must be working for the corrupt USA government?

  • AxelAnderson Seems to me Axel, you should know what the fuck and who the fuck you’re talking about before you make such a sophomoric and boorish comment.  People of your ilk have made the word Patriot and Patriotic sound like something nasty as it rolls off the tongue.

  • AxelAnderson

    PMCorn AxelAnderson PMCornhole . . . I know  exactly who I’m talking about  . . . I’m talking about you and the rest of the leftist scumbags you associate with . . . asswipe.

  • TheresaR

    The irony of this article is overwhelming;  its reiterated over and over that the organizer of this cause has no (or at the very least, LOOSE) ties to the trucking industry.  Yet, the cause, which is overtly about the American constitution is being blasted on a blog entitled Mexico Trucker Online, “straight talk about Mexico, Mexican trucks & the border.”  Anyway, despite that little bit of hilarity, there is not a single intelligent counter argument to be found; the author has resorted to name-calling, foul language, innuendos, and other personal insults as opposed to sound, logical and professional statements of fact.  Whatever side of the fence you’re on concerning this issue, this is not the person you want defending that position, lol.

  • BenBachna

    Mexico trucker. You’re an idiot and have no business sharing your I’ll conceived opinions.

  • I think the idiot is the one who would leave a sophomoric comment such as yours.
    You people are so concerned about the Constitution. Better look at the First Amendment. And my opinion is shared by the majority in the trucking industry.

  • BenBachna

    Majority? Sure not what I’ve found. Not at all. I have no use for a troll like you though, so no big deal.

  • freedomisajoke

    PMCorn troubles me that zeeda andrews is a former trucker have not  found  much  about her

  • BenBachna Far from being a troll Ben. If you’re referring to the libelous rants on the, the person they refer to as trolling goes by the name of Bubba Slade, a real trucker who is a regular caller on the SirusXM trucker shows. You call him a troll because he says what you people don’t want to hear.

  • freedomisajoke  You won’t find much about her because she has never been a trucker. She is a has been wannabe singer who’s claim to fame was in the 80’s she was hired by the TA Petro truck stops to promote their fuel islands.  
    Of course, she made the comment that her and her sister have been “in the cradle” with truckers many times over the years. There is a name for women like that.
    Go to youtube and search for her name. There are a couple of lame music videos associated with her and Alex Jones.
    None of the organizers of this anarchist and seditious move against America have any connection whatsoever with the trucking industry. The vast majority of America’s truckers are laughing at these fools and will have nothing to do with them

  • @TheresaR  You’re entitled to your opinion whatever it may be. This website is titled as it is for a purpose which has served it well in it’s seven years in existance. And that is to put out the truth about the Mexican transportation industry to counter the lies and misinformation being spread by groups like the Teamsters, OOIDA and others.  And it has been a very successful endeavor. 
    The latest being the author, that would be me, being interviewed and quoted by Bloomberg Business Week for an article on the subject as a counterbalance to the aforementioned subject.
    After 38 years in this business, I am well qualified to opine on this subject an others.

  • AxelAnderson Crawl back under your rock little man… You’ve made your mommy proud.

  • AxelAnderson

    PMCorn AxelAnderson Bahahaha! PMCorn-hole . . . damn right I’ve made my Mommy proud! I go to war every chance I get with punks, leftists, union hacks, and dirtbags like you! Later dude . . .  you’ve proved yourself to be exactly what your opinions suggest . . . a little fruit-loop who’s in the can for the Commie-in-chief.

  • freedomisajoke

    PMCorn freedomisajoke quit  follwoing her  and  what she  represents

  • WilliamMcKelvie

    Beware Porter Corn, selling out American truckers as we sleep.

  • JasonHaggard

    Hey Porter, really? What does her photo striking you as “unbecoming” have anything to do with the validity of her beliefs and the little comment about her spending plenty of time in the “cradle”………………bush league at best. 
    If you want to resort to that kind of crap then maybe you should seek a position with the enquirer or the star. I don’t exactly agree with their original promotion as it was either but resorting to the tactics you are using shows that you have absolutely no tact or class and that you deserve no respect as a human being let alone a self procalimed expert in the field of trucking.
    Keep preaching your pro Mexican agenda and labeling anyone who opposes you as a racist because you can’t defend your own views in a legitimate fashion. While your at it keep preaching about how you only haul high dollar freight as well because that high dollar $1.27/mile freight you were pulling out of Chillicothe wasn’t exactly high buck.

  • JasonHaggard  Jason, thanks for commenting. I appreciate that we’re on the same page for once.
    The comment about the cradle comes from her own pen, her own words. Take them as you will.
    You’ve been reading the demands, and I’m sure you’ve read the comments against Mexican trucks. If some of those comments aren’t racist, I don’t know what the hell is.
    I don’t preach about how I only haul high dollar freight. That hasn’t been a worry for me in ten years. 
    I defend my views with legitimate and indisputable facts. Fortunately, since this is not my primary career, I can let loose on some of the wingnuts without having to worry about journalistic constraints.
    Good to hear from you.

  • BenBachna  Er, yeah right. So the First Amendment only covers wingnuts and opinions you agree with?

  • FreeAmericanLora Lost our freedom? Do tell. I can’t think of any freedoms I’ve personally lost.

  • KennyPick

    Great breakdown of the lunatic fringe behind this ill conceived publicity stunt. I just read they were ‘indorsed’  by Bradlee Dean (that sick puke of a homophobe) from Sons of Liberty radio & Pete Santilli (the guy that wants Hillary Clinton shot in her lady parts.) 
    This is just another stunt from the 5% of America that wants to see the country burn. They slurp up the lies of the Conservative Echo chamber hog trough and keep coming back for more.
    And yeah, her picture… Wow. What an outfit! I mean even for the 80’s that a pretty wretched get-up. I’d say unbecoming was a rather polite adjective.

  • squarebird

    PMCorn freedomisajoke 
    She’s a joke. Not much more to say.

  • TeekeeMon

    Get this… she went on TV and claimed Obama is really Osama bin Laden!!
    What a moron!!

  • squarebird

    What freedoms have you lost .. Be specific!

  • TeekeeMon

    Not a conspiracy that President Obama is really Osama bin Laden?
    Some folks are hilariously gullible!