TRINITY INDUSTRIES DE MEXICO drops from Cross Border program

Trinity Industries de Mexico SA de CVThe first company to remove itself from the Cross Border Program was TRINITY INDUSTRIES DE MEXICO SA de C V the Mexican subsidiary of Trinity Industries with worldwide headquarters in Dallas Texas.

Leonel Olivares, terminal manager at Trinity Industries in Eagle Pass, Texas, said its Mexican affiliate “never had intentions of the drivers actually driving into the States. They just wanted to look at the program,” he said.

However, and as would be expected, the Teamsters took the opportunity to twist the facts and put their spin on the situation.

Jimmy Hoffa, slammed the Department of Transportation for allowing a Trinity Industries of Mexico, based in Piedras Negras, Mexico, to join the program after racking up an average of 112 safety violations per truck in the previous year.

DOT spokesman Brian G. Turmail said the carrier was approved because the “vast majority of (violations) were relatively minor.”

But how true are these numbers? Larry Craig of OOIDA used similar numbers recently when filing the brief with 9th Circuit in the frivolous lawsuit to be heard next week. According to Craig, the numbers come from FMCSA’s own database,

So we took a look. Running USDOT #610385, brought us to the facts about TRINITY INDUSTRIES DE MEXICO S DE R L DE C V, based in Piedras ?Negras Coahuila, across the border from Eagle Pass Texas.

According to Hoffa and Craig, Trinity Mexico amassed an average of 112 Out of Service (OOS) violations PER TRUCK, in the preceding year.

However, the numbers from the Safersys database do not back up these deliberate misrepresentations of the facts.

In reality, in the period 2/2006 through 2/2008, Trinity Mexico had it’s trucks inspected 1448 times. That is 144.8 inspections per truck in a 24 month period. Breaking it down further, that is 6 inspections per truck, per month. Keep in mind that this is the number of inspections, not the number of violations found as Hoffa and other claim. There is no information that I can find on Safersys to prove the claim of the Teamsters.

Now, of these 1448 inspections conducted randomly on a fleet of 10 trucks in a 24 month period, 161 of these inspections resulted in an OOS order. This breaks down to 0.6 trucks put out of service per month during the period.

The OOS percentage for Trinity Mexico was and remains at 11.1% for equipment OOS violations. The US National average is 23.14%

During this same period, the 10 drivers employed by Trinity Mexico were given Level 3 and 4 inspections 1745 times or 7.2 times per month resulting in an OOS order being given to just 4 drivers. This puts the average at 0.2% while the National average for drivers OOS is 6.8%.

In other words, more lies and fear tactics coming from the mouth of Jimmy Hoffa. And once again, as has been the case during this entire debate, Hoffa has no facts to back up his claims. No wonder he resorts to lies and distortions of the truth to try and bully his way through this.

What else has the head Xenophobe of the Teamsters spewed lately?

It doesn’t take much to find the answer to that. Since they don’t have the facts to back their position, they are going on the attack!