Transportes Olympic adds 5 trucks to Cross Border Pilot Program

Transportes OlympicEverybody remembers Transportes Olympic don’t they? They were the first participant in the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration program with Mexico. The first participant in the 2009 Cross Border Pilot Program and the first to be granted permanent operating authority.

Transportes Olympic recently added five 2014 Freightliner Cascadias to their cross border fleet bringing the total to 6 trucks and 7 drivers authorized to operate in the cross border program.

According to William Perez, the traffic manager for Transportes Olympic based in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, “The idea is to exploit the opportunity provided by the cross border program to expand our market, although the rules make it a bit complicated in some ways.” He went on to say that although there are definite advantages to the program, there are opportunities for improvement, such as the hour it takes to cross the bridges in Laredo. “Many times our entire day is taken waiting on the bridges” he said.

Despite that, Transportes Olympic has made 78 crossing into the interior of the United States since 2011. They’ve been inspected 53 times and have an outstanding record of 4.17% Out of Service on vehicles and a 1.82% Out of Service for their drivers.

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