Those who protest the loudest, carry the most guilt

Shawna Forde, in her brand new bullet ptoof vest, looks right at home in the comm center of Camp Vigilence. Photo courtesy of Shawna's Corner MAD
Shawna Forde, in her brand new bullet ptoof vest, looks right at home in the comm center of Camp Vigilence. Photo courtesy of Shawna's Corner MAD
CONFIRMED: Shawna Forde has Direct Ties to National Minuteman Groups! Ties to Both Simcox and Gilchrist!

East County magazine has confirmed what many continue to deny and the GI Joe’s and other wannabe’s are furious.

The comments to this expose’ are coming fast and furious. As if often the case, when the cowards are caught, the become angry and the fingerpointing and name calling begin.

Here’s some examples to this article.

Submitted by kdreger on Tue, 06/16/2009 – 06:12.
Well, where do we start……….
Mr. OR Mrs. Editor

Your claims to have factual information are NOT firsthand reporting, you have no actual factual firsthand knowledge of any of the information in your so called article and I will give you examples.

1. Your claim that Frode attended training at Camp Vigilance is totally incorrect, I personally have checked signin sheets back to Jan 1, 2008 and she never was on the property in any fashion other that for 1 hour in August 08.
2. Your claim that Camp Vigilance is operated by Minuteman Civil Defense is also incorrect, it is NOT operated by that group, factually incorrect again. It is operated by Minuteman California Corp Inc. (Not at all associated with MCDC)
3. Your comment from Enrique Morones from Border Angels should also include his group. Ask him why his group failed to report a young missing woman and child in East county of Feb 2008 to the local & BP officials who was thought to be missing in the freezing cold of winter! Ask Morones why his group went to Mexico looking for this pair for a week and then came back to the US without letting anyone in the rescue area assist! Ask Mr. Morones WHO actually assisted him in a search for these two, ask him! Ask Mr. Morones about who took his 7 people into the mountains of the East county gun club area for over 7 hours looking for these two. Then ask him if that group was Violent!
4. Again you claim that MCDC maintains the Camp Vigilance facility, this also is incorrect, I am one of the camp leadership people, MCDC has never had a part in any leadership of Camp Vigilance Factually incorrect again. MCDC along with other groups operate out of Camp Vigilance.
5. More second hand hear say about Britt and Shana Forde going to Camp Vigilance. In August 2008 at roughly 2:00PM her group went to Camp Vigilance, presented a MCDC ID card, and our (New) caretaker let them onto the property. (That card was false identification, as it expired when MCDC let her go in 2006, so she presented false documents to gain access to the facility) . He showed them around, and they were able to convience him to even open our communications center. Upon doing this they procedded to take photos of restructed areas. At approximatley 3:00PM I got a call from the caretaker letting me know who was on the property, he was told to immediatley remove them from the property as they were not, nor never were or have been welcome at Camp Vigilance at which time he did so.
6. Your claim that SPLC classifies MCDC as a “nativist extreamist group” is also incorrect. MCDC is full of people of color, people from countries around the globe, how on earth could that be “nativist”? Anyway everone with half a brain knows that the SPLC is so far out there they don’t even register any longer as a creditable source for valid information.

If these people are found to be guilty of committing this hanis crime they will get just what is coming to them, and we stand behing any decission like that, criminals must be punnished! Every criminal, no exceptions.

As for Minutemen being some type of supremacist group, ask Ted Hays if we are that, he is one of us also. Ask Ted if he ever heard anything racist from us.

Now, please do all your readers a favor and check your facts, check them more than once, Journalism is a skill, a art form strive to be the best. Re-reporting is for people with no skills.


Then we get the crap from this patriot!

Submitted by patriot04 on Mon, 06/15/2009 – 22:49.
Well Ms Raftery, you must be so proud of your publication. Writing fiction is your real talent. You make up “facts” spew forth your liberal BS and purposely mislead your readers.

What would they know? According to Alexa your readers are web bots in India. . Bet the Heartland Foundation would just love to know how well your spending their donations. What? You didn’t tell them about the web bots in India falsely boosting your web traffic?
Hmmm. Note to self. Write another email.

The folks at Camp Vigilance work very closely with law enforcement to stop idiots like your friend Enrique Morones from importing drugs, people and contraband illegally into the US. What Shawna Forde did was terrible. She acted independently and with the support of Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project who has nothing to do with Camp Vigilance and never has. Shawna Forde spent less than an hour at Camp Vigilance (thats Vigilance not Vigilante you moron) in 2008 using a fake ID to gain access. She was never trained there nor has she been a member there but then again those would be facts not fiction and you wouldn’t know anything about that now would you?

You are really good at fiction.

You are perilously close to a lawsuit. Keep writing your trash. We’ll own this rag before long and start telling the truth or maybe just shut it down since computers in India really don’t have much interest in East County San Diego anyway. After my next email, we probably won’t have to worry about that.

Semper Vigilans

Ho Hum., these cowards give the word “Patriot” a bad name which makes most true Americans want to puke when they see it.

So who is correct? The right wing whacko cowards or the reporter? I think the photo, taken from Shawna Fordes on website proves the point.