Third times the charm as Andrew Tahmooressi’s mother hooks son up with “Mob” lawyer

Andrew Tahmooressi
Andrew Tahmooressi in the infirmary of the La Mesa prison shortly after his escape attempt exhibiting none of the signs of torture or mistreatment that his supporters allege

For the third time in as many weeks, Andrew Tahmooressi has a new lawyer, with his mommies approval of course.

News this afternoon that Jill Tahmooressi has hired the Mexican attorney who was able to get charges dropped against former Tijuana mayor Hank Rhon when police arrested Rhon on weapons charges for having more than 50 weapons of the type Tahmooressi was arrested with, in his home in Tijuana

Fernando Benitez Alvarez del Castillo is the new attorney’s name who was a nobody until the Hank Rhon case. Alvarez convinced a Mexican court to drop the warrant that allowed authorities to search Rhon’s where the weapons were found. In some circles, that gave him “rock star” status, for doing what some thought was the impossible. But this was Mexico and Rhon was a very wealthy, very well connected person.

 The first lawyer hired, Alejandro Osuna, was fired the morning of Mr. Tahmooressi’s first court appearance May 28 for allegedly instructing him to tell the judge he had never been to Mexico before, which was not true. Lic. Osuna denies this and with just reason. Attorney’s that run afoul of the Courts and Judges in Mexico can quickly find themselves in a cell alongside their client. A more logical scenario is mommy Jill planned for the ruse until investigations discovered proof in the form of bank statements and cell phone bills that her son was a regular visitor to Tijuana.

The second attorney, Lamberto Esquer, hired shortly afterwards, never even got out of the gate before Tahmooressi said she lost confidence in him. We can read that to mean for the second time, she hired an ethical Mexican attorney who refused to allow her to run the defense of her son.

They say the third times a charm and we have Fernando Benitez Alvarez del Castillo at the helm with momma Jill behind the scenes using her vast knowledge and experience with Mexican laws to fight for her son’s release. 

Will it work for her or is it more money down the drain? Lic. Alvarez claim to fame is getting the judge to rule evidence obtained with a tainted search warrant was inadmissable causing the case to be thrown out. The defendent had money, connections and was in solid with the PRI who ruled Mexico for 71 years until Vicente Fox was elected President. Tahmooressi’s case is much different and in a different time when reforms to the Mexican legal system are ongoing.

So now Jill’s baby boy has himself a real ‘mob lawyer”, for all the good it’s going to do.

Even mama Jill is all hyped up and using mob terminology as evidenced in the statement she gave to Fox News this afternoon.


Jill Tahmooressi, said Wednesday that following the advice of California defense attorney Phil Dunn, she has hired Mexican attorney Fernando Benitez Alvarez del Castillo.

“I’m comfortable that I now have a competent attorney to represent Andrew,” Tahmooressi told

Dunn has assumed the role of consigliere for Tahmooressi after two previous failed attempts at lawyers.

Shades of Michael Corleone! What’s next? Will Judge Octavio find a dead horse dressed in Marine blues in his bedroom soon?


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