The price we pay for our lies!

For a year, OOIDA, as well as the Teamsters, has been filling the media with gross exaggerations, misrepresentation of facts and twisting the numbers to make them fit their agenda.

Well, it’s payback time, and boy, are they whining!

As they say, you play, you pay! Looks like OOIDA has gotten themselves blacklisted by the FMCSA Public Information Office. Pobrecitos!

Since August of 2007, OOIDA media (Land Line Magazine and “Land Line Now” on XM radio) have been on the blacklist. Our honest and passionate criticism of the president’s Mexican cross border pilot program placed us crossways with the administration and had us blackballed by public affairs officials within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

That is how Mexico Trucker came into being. Listening to people like Steve Sommers and his daddy, the Trucking Bozo offering “expert” opinion on a subject they knew nothing about, Mexico. And to this day and this moment, I am still looking for the illiterate third world country with bad highways and drunk and drugged truck drivers.

Speaking of Bozo and to make the point, anyone hear his show today? Besides talking about how all roads in Mexico were in bad condition, he went on to advise a caller that an American trucker crossing the border woud be inspected by the Mexican Customs agents, who would see the big fancy CB radio on the dash with the 5000w kicker. He would radio his friends in the Federal Highway Police who would stop the trucker and confiscate the equipment. What total and utter bullshit!

Never happened to me. My Suburban, my VW Jetta nor my classic Mercedes 300 Trubo Diesel have ever gotten a second glance from any of them. And when I drive them, they are equipped with a Garmin Nuvi GPS and XM Radio. Not to mention a few other “toys” I carry with me.

But back to the subject. Perhaps OOIDA should change their strategy concerning the Cross Border Program and debate on the merits, and not on the crap they think up to inflame the passions of the general public.

A nice idea, which I doubt will ever happen.