The first truck crosses under the Demonstration Program

luis_gonzalez.jpgLeaving his terminal in Monterrey Mexico shortly before 6 pm Friday, Luis Gonzalez headed north, unsure what awaited him as he became the first Mexican driver to participate in the Demonstration program.

Arriving at the border about 10 pm, he was met by officials of the Texas DPS and FMCSA, which because of the occasion, took Gonzalez and his rig to the head of the line for a thorough inspection lasting almost 2 hours.

The one thing Gonzalez did not care for were all the cameras and questions awaiting him. He shuns the celebrity as most Mexican drivers would.

The inspection covering all items for a CVSA Level I inspection were checked and then some. The air pressure in the tires, an item ignored during an inspection on a U.S. truck, brakes, drivers documents, licenses, Visas, cargo and cargo securement. All passed with flying colors as expected. And there is no reason to think nor a need to subject subsequent trucks to the two hour publicity inspection in the future.

Gonzalez said

“Revisaron todo. El aire de las llantas, los frenos, que toda la mercancía estuviera bien sujetada y todo lo pasamos muy bien.

“Hay diferentes niveles de revisión. La uno, es la más estricta y es la que nos aplicaron”

(They inspected everything. The air in the tires, the brakes, and the merchandise. Everything was subjected and passed very well)

(There are different levels of inspection and this one is the most restrictive and it was the one given)

After clearing Customs and Inspection at the border, Gonzalez headed north. Fernando Paez, 40 year old owner of Transportes Olympic who had followed Gonzalez up from Monterrey, finally turned around and left for the return to Monterrey once they had cleared the internal CBP checkpoint and made a quick stop at Love’s Travel Center in Encinal.

Gonzalez continued his trip to Von Ormey Texas, arriving at 0430 where he took his required 10 hour break.

Yesterday, Gonzalez began a new day, hauling the first load permitted under the demonstration program to a customer in Wilson Hills, N.C.

The load of structural steel, from Regionmontana Building Systems in Monterrey is scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

Fernando Paez, owner of Transportes Olympic, stated he is looking at his options for a return load to Monterrey for one of his established customers.

Congratulation Luis and welcome to the U.S. brother.