Thank you Americans For Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) for supporting those you seek to oppress!

b-gheen275wfHow ironic is it that one of the anti immigrant groups, Americans for Legal Immigration, whose agenda, despite their seemingly innocent name, is to force upon the American public their protectionist, racist and nativist agenda, have allegedly been doing the very thing, they wrongly accuse illegal immigrants of doing, EVADING TAXES!

And the trolls that ALIPAC sends forth to spew their hatred around the internet are strangely silent on the subject. Indeed, their website doesn’t mention anything about the situation. How strange!

We can thank a member of Hispanic Business Forums for bringing this alleged malfeasance to light.

According to their Schedule B filing with the Federal Election Commission, ALIPAC paid $5,000 in payroll taxes in April, but this is much more than was due, so these must be back taxes.

Comparing this to the 2007 Schedule B which shows no payroll taxes were apparently paid.

Keep in mind that these are the people who accuse illegal immigrants of not paying income and social security taxes and coming to the US for a free ride.

What I find interesting is the person who allegedly brought this to the attention of the IRS plans to donate any reward received from the IRS to the families impacted by the raid on the Postville Iowa plant of Agriprocessors, one of the largest processors of kosher food products in the country.

More irony! That money from this nativist organization could be used to support the victims of a raid championed by Alipac. How great would it be if any money is received as a reward. that it donated to provide relief to the very people ALIPAC seeks to oppress.

Giving equal time to the organization allegedly involved in this, on their website, they have posted denials and instructed people to spread them across the WWW. Two of these canned responses are left standing on this site. Of course, ALIPAC calls it all a hoax. We’ll see.

The Damned Mexicans has a well written comment on his site based on the information available about these allegations.

This story and these allegations originated at the pro immigrant website (American-Latino Immigrants Proudly Assisting the Community ) brought these allegations to light using filings. from the Federal Election Commission.

Our friends at American Humanity and other fine sites such as Citizen Orange are doing an excellent job of exposing the hypocrisy of this organization.

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