Texas DPS Weigh/Inspection station set to open in summer 2012

DPS weigh station Colombia crossing
This new "super coop" scheduled to open in the summer of 2012 will continue the Texas DPS and FMCSA policy of inspecting each and every truck crossing the border in Texas

OOIDA finally got something at least “half-right” concerning the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program when they said in a recent comment;

FMCSA intends to give special treatment to Mexico–domiciled motor carriers under the proposed pilot program, not ‘national treatment’ as required under NAFTA.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is set to put into service the first of it’s kind “Super Coop” at the Colombia border crossing in Laredo Texas this summer. This will be the first of it’s kind within the state of Texas and has been built to inspect “all trucks” crossing into the United States from Mexico.

This must be the “special treatment” that OOIDA unwittingly mentioned in a recent article.

The inspection stations, which a CBP officer and former Federal DOT officer described as “a tremendous waste of money and a testament to stupidity” features 4 pull though inspection bays, 2 haz-mat trap pits, weight in motion and static scales and a large parking area for Mexican drivers to park and conduct their business with the troopers.

The facility has been built about a 1/4 mile from the old inspection facility and once in operation, will be fully staffed and operational during the hours the commercial crossing is open, as is required under congressional rules.

Special treatment for the Mexicans? You bet your ass and nothing in the NAFTA truck rules prescribes this treatment. And there is nothing remotely resembling this for our Canadian cousins who cross the northern border at will.

So the inspection of “each and every truck” that crosses the southern border in Texas, specifically Laredo, will continue at an much higher rate and frequency. And as the same CBP officer I spoke with further stated, “The stupidity of it is that it’s not needed. The trucks we see crossing here are in better shape than what you guys are driving”. I couldn’t agree with him more.

So remember kiddies and kiddettes, the next time Hoffa says something about those “dangerous, dirty, unsafe Mexican trucks” or OOIDA mentions something about the Mexicans getting special treatment or being giving “waivers” of our safety rules, and even when Dale “Trucking Bozo” Sommer’s and other radioheads regale you with tales of no regulations in Mexico, Mexican CDL’s available on street corners and no databases in Mexico, they’re all taking advantage of you ignorance and blowing smoke up your asses as they have been for the past 15 years.