Teamsters Prez James Hoffa admits Mexican truckers aren’t joking around!

James Hoffa and his Teamsters lost yet another frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to stop the US compliance with our NAFTA obligation and promises, but still he tries to game the court system
James Hoffa and his Teamsters lost yet another frivolous lawsuit in an attempt to stop the US compliance with our NAFTA obligation and promises, but still he tries to game the court system
We haven’t heard much out of Teamsters President James Hoffa since the DC Court Appeals threw out the Teamsters and OOIDA’s bogus and frivolous lawsuit pertaining to the Mexican truck issue, but apparently, his silence has been broken,

In an article published today in the Huffington Post, Hoffa rants about the recent decision by Mexicos CANACAR to reinstate the 2009 Notice of Arbitration against the United States for their persistant refusal to meet their obligations under the NAFTA trade agreement.

As is normal for Hoffa, the article is short on facts and long on misinformation, lies and hyperbole.

He starts out by saying,

The Mexican trucking industry has repeatedly failed to get its own carriers to participate in a cross-border pilot program created in 2011 to study whether Mexican truckers are meeting basic safety standards set up in the wake of NAFTA. But instead of working harder to do so, the industry is going after the U.S. government.

Under the NAFTA, there is nothing in there to force any of the three countries to send their trucks into the other countries. That has nothing to do with the agreement, but facts mean nothing to Hoffa. CANACAR is going after the United States government for their continuous refusal to abide by the trucking portion of NAFTA, a refusal, I might add instigated by the Teamsters and their bought and paid for cronies on Capital Hill.

His next big one is an exaggeration of a USDOT OIG where where he claims,

This, despite the fact that less than a third of the recommended number of Mexican trucking companies are participating in the trial as outlined in a recent Department of Transportation (DOT) audit report.

What the repost said, as I recall from reading the ruling of the DC Court of Appeals that determined that the 46 carriers that FMCSA had suggested would be needed to get a valid statistical sampling, was not a finite number. This was also one of the claims the Teamsters made in their filing before the Court and which the Court dismissed out of hand as not being a persuasive argument.

Now comes the part that Hoffa is so good at. Letting go with the big bald faced lies.

There have been repeated problems with Mexican trucks not meeting environmental standards. And there have also been issues with participants meeting the English language proficiency standards as well having mechanisms in place to catch those who violate their operating authority by driving beyond the commercial zones even though they are not participating in the pilot. Even worse, the program to prevent MX truckers from violating U.S. cabotage laws, and stealing work from U.S. drivers, by making deliveries between two points in the U.S. hasn’t been implemented.

In reality, all trucks participating in the Cross |Border Pilot Program are required to meet, and do meet, EPA standards in force at the time of manufacture.

They have had a few issues with participants in the program with non English speaking drivers but the majority of claims of violations of 391.11 are against drayage drivers operating for the same carrier but not participating in the pilot program. Violation of this regulation is an Out of Service citable offense. Few are cited, only warned, which gives the alleged violator no course of action to dispute the charge.

FMCSAwatches for violations of Cabotage through use of mandated EOBR, yet another bogus claim by Hoffa. With a shortage of more than 100,000 drivers in the US, there is no evidence that Mexicans are stealing any work from US drivers and certainly not from union drivers who by and large tend to be less than truckload employees.

Ands of course Hoffa would not be Hoffa if he did not  babble about the mythical unsafe Mexican truck,

The Teamsters have taken issue with the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, saying that it is being too lax in allowing unsafe trucks from south of the border into the U.S. in an effort to boost participants in the pilot program.

At the end of the day, Hoffa and his goons will remain irrelevant as they have since 1992 when they all got together with other allies to plan how they would keep the Mexicans out of the United States. By and large they have failed.

I think back to the beginning of NAFTA when the Teamsters were equally opposed to allowing Canadian trucks into this country. Then Canada allowed the Teamsters to organize in that country and all objections against Canadian trucks coming into this country disappeared. Now we have more than 29,000 enjoying free access to our country with only nominal, if any oversight.

Something to think about people.



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