Teamsters find the ULTIMATE reason to stop Mexican Truck program

Street stands selling pirated DVDs and other contraband are easy to find all across Mexico.
Street stands selling pirated DVDs and other contraband are easy to find all across Mexico, but certainly not a reason to oppose Mexican trucks, unless you're a TEAMSTER
James Hoffa’s mantra of “unsafe Mexican trucks” has been debunked and ridiculed. Mexico’s regulatory environment has been shown to be sufficient to ensure the safe compliant operations of their trucks in their country and the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration Project proved Mexican trucks were quite capable of complying to the regulatory standards and laws of the United States, so what now?

TEAMSTERSNATION has perhaps found the ULTIMATE REASON to keep those naughty Mexican trucks out of our country and allow Mexico to continue with their legal job killing tariff’s.

It has nothing to do with drugs, violence or illegals. Hang onto the edge of your seats kiddies and be skeered, real skeered, as Teamsters President James P. Hoffa wants you to be.

Ready for this?

Drum roll please!



Okay. Once you pick yourself up off the floor from laughing so hard you fell on your ass from your chair, read on!

The Teamsters have latched on to a story in the Washington Post

The Post stories mentions;

Disk piracy and U.S. copyright violations are a challenge around the world, but in Mexico the sale of bootleg copies of “Toy Story 3” and Microsoft Windows XP are funding the powerful mafias whose relentless violence has left more than 35,000 Mexicans dead in the past four years.

Not exactly true of course, but who cares about the truth when it comes to bashing Mexico. The bootleg DVD’s sell for about $20.00 pesos on the street and are a favorite of truckers visiting the border cities for their nightly sojourns of pleasure.

But really. It’s a stretch of the imagination to use this as an excuse to continue to oppose Mexican trucks on US highways. But for the TEAMSTERS and their allies, credibility went out the window years ago.

About as ridiculous as octogenarian nutjob and Hoffa ally Phyllis Schlafly wrote in a recent TOWN HALL column where one of her reasons for opposing Mexican trucks was;

7. When Mexican truck drivers have their layovers and turn-arounds in the U.S., what’s to prevent them from enjoying a frolic and diversion? They could use that time to father a baby who would then be proclaimed a U.S. citizen and get generous financial benefits and handouts provided by U.S. taxpayers.

It’s interesting this wackadoodle also included this in her comments to the FMCSA.

DVD piracy and copyright infringement is nothing new, in Mexico nor in any other country on this planet and an absurd excuse to keep Mexico’s trucks from our highways.