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Organizers of “Ride for the Constitution” seeking deniability for missing funds, all point the finger at Pete Santilli

The organizers of “Truckers to Shutdown America” later to be known as “Ride for the Constitution” seem to have been caught with their fingers in the donations cookie jar and now are scrambling for cover and pointing the finger at internet radio host Pete Santilli as the one responsible for what is alleged to be… Read More »

Petition Demands USDOJ Investigate and Prosecute Leaders of Ride for the Constitution for Theft, Fraud and other crimes

A petition has been established asking the United State Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute those involved in organizing and soliciting donations for this past weekends “Ride For The Constitution” originally known as “Truckers to Shutdown America”. The petition demands that the USDOJ investigate and prosecute the non trucking founders of the groups, Pete… Read More »

Arrest the leaders of Ride for the Constitution to end the lunacy

They’ve had their 15 minutes of fame. Gotten the press coverage they craved and in the process, smeared the good name of the American trucker. Now it’s time to put an end to the lunatic behavior. The late Dale Sommers, known to his listeners as “The Trucking Bozo” always warned his listeners against actions such… Read More »

Anarchist Truckers Release Second Manifesto – They Don’t Speak for the American Trucker

The non-trucking wing nuts behind the so-called “Ride for the Constitution” have released another manifesto listing their “terms”. None of the issues raised have anything to do with the Constitution of the United States, nor the Bill of Rights. The first paragraph sets the tone of this nonsensical tirade and it goes to the gutter… Read More »

The Face behind “Anarchist Truckers to Shut Down America

It’s been an interesting week following the antics of the group of anarchists who call themselves “Truckers to Shut Down America. First, their Facebook page was unpublished for allowing hateful and racists comments to be posted. Of course, that’s not the reason they gave. They claim it was because the said “God Bless America” one… Read More »

Trucker Anarchists release First Manifesto in attempt to “Shutdown America”.

In our continuing coverage of the anarchists who call themselves TRUCKERS TO SHUT DOWN AMERICA I’m posting their first manifesto for my followers and readers to digest and realize that real professional truckers of America want nothing to do with this agenda driven drivel. As you’ll read through this, you’ll see conspiracy theories brought forth… Read More »

TRUCKERS BEWARE – October 2013 Call for Shutdown has nothing to do with Trucking issues.

The more I’ve studied the call for a nationwide truckers shutdown on October 11 -13, 2013, the more it’s become apparent that the issues raised have absolutely nothing to do with the issues facing truckers today. Instead, it is one persons attempt to spread the conspiracy theories and lunacy of Alex Jones and others of… Read More »