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Is Racism at work in Border Trucking debate?

That’s the question posed on the blog “ALL THAT’S TRUCKING” as she writes about the many nasty, racially tinged comments being thrown about as the red hot debate over Mexican cross border trucking heats up once again, and the usual actors, OOIDA, TEAMSTERS and their allies in talk radio fan the flames of their listeners

Trucking Bozo spreading more fear and hate!

So what’s new? I happened to tune in to the show this afternoon about 4:55 (EST) to hear Dale Sommers begin his rant about the [cref 4-dead-on-international-bridge-connecting-reynosa-pharr accident on the Pharr-Reynosa bridge.] And as usual, not wanting to let the facts interfere with his warped and prejudiced opinion against anything Mexican, he let us all

Trucking Bozo has peters on his mind.

Sitting here this afternoon listening to Dale Sommers aka “Trucking Bozo” ramble on between dashes to the bano to change his Depends, the man seems to be off of his meds once again. Each time he refers to Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, her name comes out of his mouth like he has one in