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The Face behind “Anarchist Truckers to Shut Down America

It’s been an interesting week following the antics of the group of anarchists who call themselves “Truckers to Shut Down America. First, their Facebook page was unpublished for allowing hateful and racists comments to be posted. Of course, that’s not the reason they gave. They claim it was because the said “God Bless America” one… Read More »

[Updated] Proposed Truckers Strike could destroy the already tarnished image of the American Trucker

Some malcontents within the trucking community are at it again. Calling for a nationwide truckers strike for three days in October. What are the issues behind the strike? Hours of Service Regulations? Speed Limiters, E-Log mandates, certified Medical Examiners? None of those issue seem to matter. According to Jami Jones, managing editor of LandLineMag. The agenda of… Read More »