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December 28, 2012 marks end of trucking radio at SiriusXM as The Lockridge Report makes final broadcast

Real trucking radio came to an end on SiriusXM satellite radio on the last Friday of 2012 as the award winning and critically acclaimed The Lockridge Report made it’s final broadcast with a bittersweet “safety valve Friday”. The Lockridge Report which went on the air in February 2008, was hosted by internationally recognized trucking journalist

Senators file bill to require EOBR’s in all interstate trucks

In what can only be described as political pandering in an election year, and with the backing of a coalition of mega trucking companies, Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ar) and Lamar Alexander (R-Tn) filed a bill known as The Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act (S. 3884) The bill, if passed, would require universal installation of electronic on-board