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Go south for cheap gas?

There has been much talk lately in the news and on the radio and TV shows about Americans heading to Mexico to partake of the cheaper fuels available there. This quote from The Sanctuary gave me a chuckle and went on to explain why the fuels are so much cheaper in Mexico. As nativists continue

Roadcheck 2008 begins today

The annual three-day inspection blitz known as Roadcheck takes place this week at more than 1,000 inspection locations at weigh stations and roadside checkpoints across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The annual event sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is Tuesday through Thursday, June 3-5, and will involve tens of thousands of inspections by

NAFTA for Dummies

The North American Free Trade Agreement has become a hot topic in the presidential campaign, with Democrats blaming it for lost jobs and Republicans praising it for boosting exports. Who’s right?

Los Zeta’s Recruiting in Nuevo Laredo ? Not likely!

Hitmen tied to Mexico’s Gulf cartel appear to be boldly seeking recruits by posting help-wanted signs in the border city of Nuevo Laredo, including a giant banner hung across a thoroughfare, a federal anti-drug enforcement official said Monday. The banner appeared over the weekend in Nuevo Laredo near the border with Texas: “Operative group ‘The

All the pretty Mexican Trucks

On my days off this week, I needed to get away and relax and not having but a couple of days, headed to Monterrey Nuevo Leon. It’s a good destination, a world class city that can hold it’s own against any similar city in North America. It’s good to have friends there, especially those in

Candidates pander to the electorate over NAFTA

After the vote tallies are in from today’s primary elections in Texas and Ohio, the presidential candidates should stop talking about gutting international trade treaties. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supported the North American Free Trade Agreement when campaigning in Texas but promised Ohio voters that they would force Canada and Mexico to renegotiate

Bill to reform Mexican justice system up for vote today

MEXICO CITY — Mexican legislators are expected today to overhaul the country’s famously ineffective justice system, implementing public trials nationwide while turning up the heat on organized crime. The long-awaited “justice reform” bill — the result of several years of fierce debate among security experts, academics and human rights activists — would amend the constitution

CBP officers seize $1.8 million in drugs

LAREDO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized $1.8 million in cocaine and marijuana in three separate incidents recently, according to a news release from the agency. The largest seizure occurred Feb. 17, at the Lincoln-Juarez Bridge when a drug dog reacted to the odor of narcotics emanating from the rear rocker panel area

Mexico gunrunning to be probed

WASHINGTON — A congressional review of U.S. law enforcement efforts to halt gun trafficking into Mexico was ordered Thursday by a House panel overseeing a $1.4 billion Bush administration plan to fight international narcotics cartels. The review of U.S. law enforcement efforts to stop gun running along the 2,000-mile border, particularly in high-traffic corridors of

Mexico following US elections closely

MONTERREY, Mexico — Cecilia Reyes can’t say where the first Democratic caucus was held but knows Hillary Clinton took New Hampshire by three points over her main opponent — whose name she can’t remember but she knows has Kenyan roots. Reyes, a Mexican citizen, can’t vote in November’s U.S. presidential election. But she’s pulling for

Mexico to track migrations over border

Editors Note: And they call Mexico an underdeveloped third world country? It appears they are implementing the technology we should be using to secure our borders while still allowing the free flow of people and commerce across the borders! Something to think about! Mexico plans to use cards with electronic chips to better track the