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Qualcomm wins contract to put OmniTRACS system in U.S. and Mexican trucks in open-border program

WASHINGTON – Qualcomm has won a federal contract to provide a satellite-based tracking system for U.S. and Mexican trucks participating in a contentious experiment that opens the border to long-haul commercial traffic. Federal officials said yesterday that the San Diego-based company’s OmniTRACS system will allow the U.S. government to closely monitor trucks from both countries,

Wise words from TheTrucker.com

Ya’ll might as well heed the words of our friends at The Trucker.com and quit your whining and accept the inevitable. It is time to concentrate on far more important issues in our industry The other hot topic in trucking today is the Mexico truck demonstration project. We’re probably received more calls on this issue

Mexican Truckers speak out – Pilot Program nothing new

Editors note: This story from the Houston Chronicle further strengthens the validity of this site as I have been saying the same thing for more than a year. MEXICO CITY — The American truckers, environmentalists and politicians who are sounding the alarm about the potential dangers of allowing Mexican tractor-trailers onto U.S. interstate highways rarely

One the road this week with MT

This is the time of year I like the best. The weather is cooling off, leaves are turning in the Smokey Mountains, and the spinmeisters of the right are in full gear. DREAM ACT… This piece of legislation was brought to the floor for an article 14 vote, in an attempt to allow it to

FMCSA to begin enforcing 391.11(b)(2)

eTruckerThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that a driver unable to meet the English-language requirement set forth in 391.11(b)(2) now may be placed out of service, not merely cited. Up to now, enforcement personnel have been told to cite the driver, but not to place him out of service.

A load of concern over Mexican trucks

Further proving my point that news organizations are stepping back and taking a new look at the Mexican truck issue, and not being so quick to rush to support the critics who position is anchored in exaggerated half truths and hysterical accusations. This article, in the Los Angeles Times illustrates this while pointing out some

Qualcomm System to Monitor Trucks

This is an update to an earlier post which gives more specifics about this plan of the FMCSA! I want to make a couple of glaringly valid points about this article. First, this is nothing new! The majority of line haul carriers in Mexico already have Qualcomm communications installed in their trucks. This is the

Another great newspaper switches sides!

As further proof of my opinion that America is finally waking up and looking at the facts of the Mexican Truck issue and questioning the absurd claims made by the opposition,The Arizona Republic joins the ranks of other great newspapers such as The Dallas Morning News and other in coming out in support of the

As the World Spins

It been calm recently since the opposition has it in their mind that the Mexican Pilot Program has been stopped. But for others, the spin continues with the same baseless and outrageous claims they have used to hoodwink a segment of America into believing what they have to say

3rd Mexican carrier cleared for demo project

 Editors Note: And the program continues quietly, as it should while the critics pat themselves on the backs thinking they have stopped it. As Melissa Delaney of FMCSA was recently quoted as saying, “There is no requirement for a demonstration program”, it’s something to keep in mind. President Bush, with a stroke of the pen,

U.S. needs to honor its trucking deal

Is the United States still a nation in which a person’s word is his bond and to not follow through on an agreement would be considered dishonorable? In the past few months, a handful of Americans decided to show the world that some Americans would prefer to not honor our agreements. In December 1992, the