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Once again OOIDA attacks a Mexican carrier with blatant lies, misrepresentations and other “errors of omission”

Nobody pays much attention to the folks at OOIDA anymore when it comes to Mexico and our Cross Border Pilot Program, other than FMCSA, which really has no choice. In a letter to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro, OOIDA President Jim Johnston urged the FMCSA to deny the application of GCC Transporte S.A.

OOIDA – Truck safety ratings system unfair to small businesses

This is the claim made today by the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) in a just released “presser”. This is one of the things that Mexico Trucker Online and OOIDA are in agreement on. The press release states in part, Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) acknowledged the contribution of small businesses to the trucking

Fourth Mexican motor carrier admitted to Cross Border Pilot Program

Despite the best efforts of OOIDA and their allies, the bogus safety group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, to prevent Mexican carrier participation in the Cross Border Pilot Program, a fourth Mexican carrier has been allowed authority to participate. Transportes Del Valle De Guadalupe of Baja California, had been granted OPX-1 authority to operate

As Trade Between U.S., Mexico Tops $500 Billion, FMCSA official’s reckless comment could have unintended consequences

Trade between the United States and Mexico reached half a trillion dollars in 2011 and cross-border commerce continues to grow despite the drug violence in Mexico. The final tally came out to $500 billion in goods and services traded between the two countries, according to a paper by the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center for

OOIDA games keep Mexican carriers leery of participation in Cross Border Pilot Program – Could cause resumption in tariffs’

We were told by OOIDA, the Teamsters and the bogus safety groups that make up their allies that 10’s of 1000’s of “dangerous, unsafe, unregulated” Mexican trucks driven by drug using, untrained, unlicensed scofflaws were waiting at out southern border to invade the United States, taking jobs from American truckers and wreaking havoc on our

1 million truck violations cited at border crossing? The rest of the story

The rest of the story emerges about the El Paso times story we wrote about earlier this week, concerning the thousands of violations reported by Texas DPS inspectors at two commercial crossings in El Paso Texas. While we have some concerns about the number of violations reported over 4.5 years, the Times story claims 1.2

OOIDA asks “Is it racist to oppose the Mexican cross-border program?”

That’s the question being posed on the Landline Now Media blog by Sandi Soendker, and it’s a valid question. The obvious answer to the question is of course, no. However, in their absence of a credible argument opposing the cross border trucking program with Mexico, OOIDA and other opponents are knowingly and willfully preying on

FMCSA refuses demand by OOIDA to delay cross border program with Mexico

It’s all procedural, but FMCSA has refused demands by the Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) to halt implementation of the Cross Border Pilot Program pending resolution of the frivolous and baseless lawsuit filed against the agency earlier this month. OOIDA’s legal counsel, Paul Cullen Sr. with The Cullen Law Firm, sent a letter to

Cross Border Agreement signed. OOIDA already in Court – Higher Tariffs possible as a result

It didn’t take long after today’s announcement of the official signing of the Cross Border Pilot Program agreement in Mexico City for opponents to come out swinging with the lies, fear mongering and preying on the ignorance of those too apathetic to look for the truth for themselves. And as expected, OOIDA is headed to

Cross Border Proposal could be signed as soon as this week!

Speaking to a group of trucking, logistics and technology industry executives at SMC3’s annual summer conference last Thursday in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne S. Ferro said that new cross-border trucking program with Mexico could be in place within two months although she added she doesn’t expect a wave of Mexican

National Call to Action – Mexican Cross Border Trucking Proposal

Time for readers and other interested parties to call their assorted Senators and Congress critters and ask them to support the proposed Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico which would bring the United States into compliance with it’s international obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The legal retaliatory tariff’s Mexico but on

Teamsters find the ULTIMATE reason to stop Mexican Truck program

James Hoffa’s mantra of “unsafe Mexican trucks” has been debunked and ridiculed. Mexico’s regulatory environment has been shown to be sufficient to ensure the safe compliant operations of their trucks in their country and the 2007 Cross Border Demonstration Project proved Mexican trucks were quite capable of complying to the regulatory standards and laws of

Is Racism at work in Border Trucking debate?

That’s the question posed on the blog “ALL THAT’S TRUCKING” as she writes about the many nasty, racially tinged comments being thrown about as the red hot debate over Mexican cross border trucking heats up once again, and the usual actors, OOIDA, TEAMSTERS and their allies in talk radio fan the flames of their listeners