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President Obama extends invitation to Mexican President Calderon to join Trans Pacific Partnership talks

President Obama joined eight other countries on Monday in welcoming Mexico into talks aimed at reaching an Asia Pacific free trade agreement, otherwise known as the Trans Pacific Partnership. We are delighted to invite Mexico, our neighbor and second-largest export market, to join the (Trans-Pacific Partnership) TPP negotiations,” U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said in

NAFTA for Dummies

The North American Free Trade Agreement has become a hot topic in the presidential campaign, with Democrats blaming it for lost jobs and Republicans praising it for boosting exports. Who’s right?

Mexican Farmers march on Mexico City to protest NAFTA

Thousands of Mexican farmers, some riding tractors and herding cows, flooded the capital Thursday to demand government protection against cheap U.S. imports.Trade barriers under the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, were lifted in January, opening Mexico for the first time to tariff-free U.S. exports of traditional food like corn and beans. Mexican farmers