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U.S.–Mexico NAFTA Transportation Agreement Imperiled?

The governing idea behind [cref nafta-for-dummies NAFTA] is to remove trade restrictions so as to encourage the free-flow of goods and services across the North American continent. Along the U.S. – Mexican border, however, the reality is that the ground transportation of such goods remains highly congested and drawn out. Long-haul trucks from Mexico are

Lou Dobbs – Blame it all on Mexico – Why Not!

For the past few years, Lou Dobbs has led anti-immigrant forces against amnesty, against illegal Mexicans, against Mexico, against his own government, and against the truth. His rants have been less than truthful; once almost causing a panic in the United States when he brought forth on his show the issue of illegal Mexicans coming

Go south for cheap gas?

There has been much talk lately in the news and on the radio and TV shows about Americans heading to Mexico to partake of the cheaper fuels available there. This quote from The Sanctuary gave me a chuckle and went on to explain why the fuels are so much cheaper in Mexico. As nativists continue

Debunking the mythical NAFTA Superhighway.

I came across the blog of a DISGRUNTLED REPUBLICAN who has written an excellent article debunking the mythical NAFTA Superhighway. We all know it makes for good late night radio, giving the loony toons a sense of worth and something else to worry about, and of course, provides the likes of Lou Dobbs and others,