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OOIDA PRESS RELEASE – Serious flaws in CSA will delay improvements to highway safety

The Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) issued a press release this morning concerning comments it made to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, during a recent hearing reviewing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s enforcement and compliance program. OOIDA says that the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program has serious fundamental flaws that ignore safety as

BREAKING – Update on Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan – Judge holds hearing, delays decision another week.

One media outletis reporting that Jabin “Wrong Way” Bogan, the Dallas “trucker” caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in Cd.Juarez back in April could learn his sentence for his crimes as early as today. [info_box] This just in from the above source: The Judge in the Jabin Bogan case held the hearing today

USDOT OIG releases annual audit on Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

The office of Inspector General for the US Department of Transportation released it’s 2012 audit of the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico The OIG is required by law to review FMCSA’s conduct of the cross–border trucking pilot programs and issue initial, interim, and final audit reports to Congress and the Secretary of Transportation. The

Canacar and Canacar Communica give insiders view into the Mexican trucking industry

The latest issue of CANACAR COMMUNICA is out and available for viewing online. CANACAR COMMUNICA is very similar to our own OVERDRIVE magazine and is presented in a similar format. Looking through the current and past issues, reveals some interesting facts and articles. In the July issue for instance, CANACAR is tracking the progress of

Video – Unlike US CDL applicants, Mexican truckers are required to undergo rigorous training to obtain and renew Mexican CDL’s

Anybody recall this statement made by OOIDA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer about a year ago?  The U.S-Mexico agreement requires us to accept Mexican commercial driver licenses, but Mexico has no real system of driver licensing, training, drug testing, physical requirements, truck safety inspection or brake standards that match U.S. rules. That’s all been thoroughly

Where we’re at with the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico

  The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee (MCSAC) continues it meeting in Alexandria Virginia through August 29. One of the tasks of the committee was to form a subcommittee tasked with monitoring the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico and reporting to FMCSA officials on the progress and compliance of program objectives. A report released

Charges against Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan reduced by Mexican Appeals Court Judge in Cd. Juarez

Mexican Federal Magistrate Víctor Manuel Flores Jiménez, this morning, announced his decision to reduce the charges against Jabin Akeem Bogan from smuggling to simple possession of ammunition, a move sought by Bogan’s Mexican defense attorney, Emilio de la Rosa. On April 17, Bogan was caught with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in his trailer

New Mexico MTO officer suffers heart attack responding to semi-crash on I-10

New Mexico Motor Transportation Officer Robert Potter,suffered a heart attack while responding to a commercial vehicle accident Wednesday, later passed away at a local area hospital. Potter, 41, suffered a heart attack after he responded to an accident involving two semi-truck trailers on Interstate 10 at the Vado exit, that left watermelons and chile peppers

BREAKING – Judge expected to announce decision in case of Jabin Akeem “Wrong Way” Bogan today in Cd. Juarez

We’re getting information that the Judge hearing the case of Dallas trucker Jabin Akeem Bogan, who was caught in April with 268,000 rounds of NATO grade ammunition in Cd. Juarez, will announce his decision this morning, Monday, August 20, 2012. The information comes from his mother, Aletha Smith, who is not the most reliable of

Exposing the lies and hypocrisy of OOIDA with regards to latest attack on a Mexican applicant to the Cross Border Program

I wrote yesterdayabout OOIDA and their President Jim Johnston’s rather idiotic protest against another Mexican carrier seeking entry into the Cross Border Pilot program, questioning that carriers “fitness” to participate. Today, we’re going to drill down a little deeper and look at that carrier a little closer to determine if OOIDA has a valid concern,

Once again OOIDA attacks a Mexican carrier with blatant lies, misrepresentations and other “errors of omission”

Nobody pays much attention to the folks at OOIDA anymore when it comes to Mexico and our Cross Border Pilot Program, other than FMCSA, which really has no choice. In a letter to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator Anne Ferro, OOIDA President Jim Johnston urged the FMCSA to deny the application of GCC Transporte S.A.

FMCSA data released shows Mexican carriers and drivers have superior safety statistics

Data released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last month suggests that Mexican carriers and drivers still maintain a significant lead in safety over their US and Canadian counterparts. According to Jill Dunn, writing for E-Trucker The out-of-service rate for drivers of Mexican-domiciled CMVs inspected at the border during 2010 was just more than