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CANACAR Arbitration action still valid despite claims of some in the media to the contrary

Since we reported in February that the Mexican trucking association known as Camara Nacional del Autotransporte de Carga (CANACAR) had brought back to the negotiating table, its 2009 demand for arbitration, various media outlets have made the claim that no such demand exists. They are incorrect. OVERDRIVEONLINE has a provocative headline that say “US says no suit

Opponents of Cross Border Trucking turn to recognized “hate groups” for support.

“We’re as close as you can be,” Mexican Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari  said yesterday, confirming that  his country is preparing to sign the formal Cross Border Trucking agreement to end the trucking dispute with the U.S. as early as this month, setting the stage for the country to remove the punitive tariffs that have cost 25,000

Bi-partisian gang of lawmakers to “DEMAND” end to Mexican cross border proposal

It never ends. Citing bogus concerns over safety, security and cost, a bipartisan gang Congressmen, bought and paid for with Teamster funds is demanding that the federal Department of Transportation cancel plans to re-introduce a cross-border trucking program with Mexico. Taking the lead with a letter on 4/4/2011, Rep. Duncan Hunter (D-CA) along with Rep. Daniel Lipinski,