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OOIDA Responds to latest losses in the 5th & 9th Court of Appeals

A week after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the Teamsters and OOIDA’s latest baseless and frivolous lawsuits, OOIDA has issued a non-responsive response on their website landlinemag.com Sandi Soendker, Land Line editor-in-chief, to her credit, wrote, without embellishment the following: A federal court has ruled in favor of the U.S. Department of

Ninth Circuit Rejects OOIDA lawsuit over Cross Border Trucking Program

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association against the Department of Transportation in connection with the Cross Border Demonstration Project. The court ruled the lawsuit was moot because Congress recently ended the program. OOIDA immediately went into whining mode the ruling, but the association said

OOIDA – Good for a laugh on occasion

I couldn’t help but break out laughing, or as Stevie Sommers puts it, “chuckle”, listening to OOIDA and LandlineNow on XM-171 last Thursday, I think it was, when they brought up the almost dead subject of the Cross Border Program. I think Mark Reddig was talking with their Washington lobbyist about the status of the