Supreme Court sets date for conference on OOIDA lawsuit against Mexican Trucks

supreme-court-seal1The U.S. Supreme Court has set January 10, 2014 for a conference to consider if it will hear a case against the U.S. cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico filed by OOIDA against the FMCSA.

OOIDA is appealing a decision from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals which denied OOIDA and The Teamsters lawsuit on various bogus issues pertaining to the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico stating that neither plaintiff offered any “persuasive arguments”.

OOIDA has chosen to appela the past of the lower courts ruling concerning the validity of foreign commercial licenses in the United States.

This is but another effort by OOIDA ‘sham petitioning’ within the United States court system, not to seek justice or resolve legitimate differences, but to push the agenda of prejudice and bigotry against Hispanics in general and the Mexican trucking industry in particular.

It’s not expected that SCOTUS will accept this petition. Of the thousands submitted annually, the Court selects about 100 to hear.

However, in the very unlikely chance the Court accepts OOIDA’s request for hearing, a decision in favor of OOIDA could open up a very large can of worms that could have a devastating effect on the US trucking industry.

Should a ruling favor OOIDA, it could very well invalidate the commercial licenses not only of the drivers in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico, which is the intent of OOIDA, but it could very well invalidate the commercial licenses of the commercial zone drayage drivers AND, the commercial licenses of drivers from Canada, an estimated 29,000 drivers.

The case number is 13-532 and we’ll continue to follow this.