Support Continues to build for Mexican Cross Border Program

If the protectionists and obstructionists are successful, America's economy will be hurt and her reputation as a world leader further damaged
If the protectionists and obstructionists are successful, America's economy will be hurt and her reputation as a world leader further damaged
The massive fraud visited upon the American public by the Teamsters and OOIDA concerning the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program continues to make the news as more mainstream newspapers see through the campaign of misinformation and xenophobic pablum these two organizations have put forth.

Since they do not have facts to back their position, they have chosen to prey upon the ignorance and fears of Americans with stories of chaos and disaster waiting to hit America’s highways. Of course, as we have seen over the past year, it hasn’t happened, and in Mexico, highway safety concerning big rigs is much better than the US, and with less regulation.

The San Antonio Express News continues to weigh in on the subject with an editorial that goes to the heart of the matter.

Truck opposition will hurt economy

Congress appears ready to pour legislative concrete around its misguided 15-year obstruction of cross-border trucking between Mexico and the United States.

The Express-News reported on Sunday that a bill is pending to end the successful cross-border trucking pilot program, which recently was extended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for another two years.

Teamsters and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association are the main forces by the obstructionist effort to do away with a key provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

If the obstructionists are successful, they will take away San Antonio’s opportunity to be a key center for warehousing and distribution of cross-border trade goods.

And even more damaging to American consumers, costs savings from a less expensive, faster shipping method of letting Mexican trucks brings goods across the border without unloading them will be eliminated.

And Mexico will have legitimate reason to retaliate under the terms of NAFTA, the Express-News noted.

A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official told the newspaper that more than 1,300 deliveries have been made in the U.S. during the pilot program without an accident.

The Mexican trucks are required to meet the same safety standards as U.S. trucks, and Mexican drivers must get insurance from firms licensed in the United States.

Since the safety complaints don’t hold water, foes have turned to arguments that Mexican truckers have an economic advantage.

Congress shouldn’t be persuaded by those arguments.

The United States entered into an agreement with Mexico that this nation should honor.

Additionally, honoring that agreement will benefit consumers and the nation’s economy in the long run.

Looking at the back end stats on this site, our continues campaign to put the truth before the American public and Congress is bearing fruit. I have noticed an intense interest in the photos available here. For that, we’ll keep up the good fight