Series of Bus vs. Truck accidents in Mexico has officials concerned – SCT contemplates lowering speed limits for commercial vehicles.

ADO bus Tanker crash Villahermosa
An accident this morning on the Ciudad del Carmen-Villahermosa highway caused when this bus and a gas tanker collided has left at least 10 dead and dozens injured.

Villahermos – An accident this morning between a fuel tanker and a passenger coach belonging to ADO lines has left 10 dead and numerous others with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening.

The accident occurred this morning at Kilometer 114 on the Ciudad del Carmen-Villahermosa.

Units of the Mexican Marines (SEMAR) and the Civil Protection were on the scene battling the flames that engulfed both vehicles and removing the bodies.

Survivors claim the bus driver dozed off at the wheel. The driver was killed in the crash

Omnibus de Mexico fatal crash
This 2013 Volvo 9700 belonging to Omnibus de Mexico was involved in a collision with a flatbed hauling live chickens this morning leaving 6 dead and 20 injured in southern Mexico. The bus was enroute from Tepic Nyarit to Cd. Juarez when the accident occurred just before dawn this morning


Meanwhile, this morning about 0500, a luxury passenger bus owned by Omnibus de Mexico rear ended a semi truck loaded with live chickens resulting in six deaths and 20 people sustaining no life threatening injuries.

The 2013 Volvo rear ended the 2007 Kenworth flatbed on the  Fresnillo-Cuencamé that connects the Mexican states of Zacatecas and Durango.

The bus originated in Tepic, Nayarit  and was enroute to Cd. Juarez across from El Paso Texas.

No word yet on the condition of the driver of the OMB coach or whether he survived although it is highly unlikely.

Omnibus de Mexico PLUS is their luxury service. The coach seats between 24 and 32 depending on seat configurations and is a team driver operation with bunk space for the off duty driver in a portion of the cargo compartment behind the passenger side steer tire.


Not surprising this information coming from our friends at TRANSPORTE.MX that the head of the SCT, Mexico’s DOT announced that rules were forthcoming limiting commercial trucks to a maximum of 85 kph (55mph)

The Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT), Gerardo Ruiz Esparza, said the rules were already in place including a more stringent review of drivers licenses and qualifications and weight reductions and had the full support of the rest of the Secretariat. The Minister cited, what else, but road safety for the motoring public and communities as reasoning behind the new rules.

Not surprising that this is coming down after the rash of accidents involving trucks hauling super sized loads. Mexico allowable gross is 109,000 pounds carried on 9 axles.

But as usual with any new regulations as we’ve seen with our own FMCSA of late, it’s closing the barn door after the horses done left the barn.

The majority of Mexico’s fleet is already governed at 65 to 68 mph the same as most of us are and the motor coaches by and large are governed at between 85 and 105 kph.

We’ll see where this goes and keep on top of it, because unlike US drivers, who bitch and whine, call the trucking talk shows and threaten to strike, but in the end, do nothing, When Mexican drivers have had enough, they’ll shut down the country until their complaints are heard and acted upon. We’ve seen that many times in the past.


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