SCT studying new methods for enforcement of weights and measures on Mexico’s Federal Highway system

MTY40908 015Officials with the  Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) sat down for meetings this week with a distinguished panel of academic and industry experts to discuss ways that can be used to enforce the new weights and measures rules being drafted for the next 5 year cycle of NOM-012.

The panel consists of eight academic experts, chosen in coordination with busineses and transport industry associations, including the National Chamber Trucking (Canacar), the National Association of Private Transport (ANTP), the Confederation Mexican National Carriers (CONATRAM) and theNational Automobile Chamber of Passage and Tourism (CANAPAT), among others. Recently added to the panel was the  National Association of Chemical Industry and the Mexican Council for the Consumer Products Industry.

NOM-012 is the section of Mexican law covering weights and dimensions of commercial vehicles in Mexico. The current regulation dates back to 2008 and has come under fire after more than 40 people have been killed since 2011 in crashes involving double trailers with gross weights up to 180,000 pounds.

Federico Dominguez Zuloaga, Director General of Autotransportes Federal said the studies include placing more weighing and inspection stations throughout the Republic of Mexico in order to generate a computerized record that allows for audits and penalties for those who do not comply with the NOM 012 regulation.

Zuloaga said that SCT  still studying where to place the scales that could eventually replace current weighing centers. The  SCT is  studying the systems used in the United States to choose which one best serve the needs of the Mexican market. Meanwhile, he said that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) has had similar systems to measure the weight, but for a different purpose.

Federico Dominguez estimated that the review will take three to four months, pending the disposition of the future of the new regulation NOM 012, SCT agreed to extend the one issued in 2008, but without the second transitory article laying allowed double trailer units circulate additional 4.5 tons of weight. The 4.5 additional tonnage was suspended after the recent accidents involving double trailer rigs in Mexico

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