Road Machinery SA de CV becomes the 15th carrier to earn entrance into the Cross Border Pilot Program. A subsidiary of Phoenix Arizona based Road Machinery LLC, established in 1955, this is a private carrier.
Road Machinery SA de CV becomes the 15th carrier to earn entrance into the Cross Border Pilot Program. A subsidiary of Phoenix Arizona based Road Machinery LLC, established in 1955, this is a private carrier.

Road Machinery Co SA de CV domiciled in Cananea, Sonora has become the 15th carrier to earn the right to participate in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico, according to a letter from FMCSA Associate Administrator for Enforcement, William Quade to Shaun Kildare of Advocates for Highways and Auto Safety, one of several bogus safety groups that oppose the Mexican Cross Border Pilot Program.

Road Machinery SA de CV is an affiliate of Road Machinery LLC of Phoenix Arizona which hauls their own equipment cross border to fulfill various service, sales and rental contracts. They are also a dealer for the Komatsu line of construction equipment.

Over the boilerplate objections that Advocates and Dr. Shaun Kildare has filed against every single applicant to the program, Quade closed his letter by saying,

Road Machinery has provided sufficient evidence of corrective action to the Agency. As a
result, FMCSA will be issuing authority to Road Machinery for participation in the Pilot

It is interesting that OOIDA has not chosen to submit comments in opposition to the last several applicants for the Cross Border Program although they’ve been given ample opportunity to do so as has the general public.


Despite what you might have been told, or surmised by reading negative and usually uninformed comments on trucking websites, there appears to be little interest in the Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. The general attitude is if they comply with our rules and regulations as required, most folks don’t see them as a problem nor a threat.

As each applicant completes the vetting process, their pending approval is set for comments on, a very simple and easy to use website for the public to comment on proposed rules and regulations or NPRM’s from all government agencies.

In the case of applicants for the Cross Border Pilot Program, FMCSA solicits comments on the “fitness” of the applicant to participate in the program. “Fitness” refers to the financial responsibility of the applicant and their ability to comply with our rules and regulations while operating in the United States.

For some reason though, that very narrow and simple requirement goes over the heads of people like Advocates Shaun Kildare and the very few who choose to make comments.

For the application of Road Machinery, various online trucking publications published the request for comments. These websites have readership in the thousands, yet despite their best efforts to get the word out on the comment period, only 1 other comment received by FMCSA.

Other than Advocates, Mexico Trucker Online submitted comments in support of the applicant.  The other comment had nothing to do with the applicant and was ignored.

A person identifying himself as Rick Bays submitted this nonsensical comment.

Dear USA Federal Government-FMCSA:
I cant believe that the USA is considering granting this cross border nonsense. Are you guys out of your minds pandering to the Mexican government?

ALL the elected officials & those employed should consider doing everything possible to retain & grow employment for Americian truckers & American workers before even discussing any program which might add a job for any other country.

Your present course of failed immigration policy, welfare ect. will only add to the group of those non-producing people & diminish the producers toi the point that no Americans will have jobs…………including you guys……… producers paying taxes means no tax base for those of you on the ‘government dole’. Think About it!

So now we have 15 participants with one waiting to be admitted. Transmex, based in Nuevo Laredo is next up and probably the last. Transmex is a subsidiary of Swift Transportation and we don’t see any problem with them sailing through their PASA. Of course, Advocates will be there with their boilerplate objections and the response by FMCSA will be much the same.

As I was writing this, I was thinking of an old acquaintance of mine. Jim White, who used to broadcast on KMOX from “that dimly lit studio down the hall” overlooking the Mississippi. One of his favorite sayings was, “You can’t fix stupid”. Borrowing Jim’s words, while reading the comments of Advocates for Highways Safety penned by Dr. Shaun Kildare, a more appropriate message would be “A Phd. can’t fix stupid”

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