Revised Mexican tariff’s released today in response to US failure to resolve trucking dispute

Mexico released the list of revised tariffs today is response to the Obama Administrations continued refusal to comply with our obligations under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The biggest impact comes in new agricultural and processed food products. The Mexican government imposed tariffs of 10-20 percent on products like chocolate, ketchup, chewing gum and cheese — all products of the manufacturing sector, made in American factories by American workers.

At the same time, there are new tariffs being imposed on other manufactured goods, including industrial polishes, adhesives, trench diggers, rubber gloves, floor coverings, stainless steel containers, and gas masks.

Mexican school children will be paying more for their education this fall, given that printed exercise books, paints, ballpoint pens and pencils are on the list, facing 15 percent duties. Also still on the list are key home products like refrigerators, coffeemakers and dishwashers; consumer goods like toothpaste, deodorants, aftershave, and suntan lotion (and toilet paper); home furnishing goods including curtain rods and desks, and industrial goods including gas filtering machines. This I know firsthand.

US farmers will feel the pain as well – the significant addition of pork, apples, oranges, sweet corn and grapefruits total well over $700 million in U.S. exports. But manufactured goods are hit, and hit hard. And hit just as hard are the American factory workers who make these products – most of which have a significant export market in Mexico, our second largest trading partner.

Listening to Landlineow a moment ago, they pledge to fight tooth and nail against the US fulfilling their obligation to allow Mexican trucks into this country. All well and good. We disagree with Reddig that they’ll win though.

But keep in mind who is responsible for the 10’s of 1000’s of jobs that have been lost dues to this obstructionist attitude. Thank you OOIDA and Teamsters International for contributing to the huge unemployment percentage we have.