Rep Peter Degazio’s response to the Mexican tariff’s

defazioThis is what we elect to represent us? Rep. Peter Defazio D-Or responded to Mexico’s tariff’s resulting from the Obama administration shutting down the Mexican Cross Border Program by calling Mexico’s action “illegal”!

According to an article in Defazio made this baseless claim.

“These tariffs are illegal and should be treated as nothing more than political gamesmanship. Mexico has no legal grounds to implement any of these tariffs. Even if there was a legal basis for the tariffs, the $2.4 billion price tag is a disproportionate response, and the 90 U.S. products targeted for tariffs were illegally selected,” DeFazio wrote in his letter to Obama.

Those pushing to open the border to Mexican trucks often point to a 2001 NAFTA tribunal decision that found the U.S. in violation of the agreement, because at that time the U.S. was refusing to open the border.

He calls the tariff’s illegal which they’re not, but in the next breaths says “Even if there was a legal basis for the tariffs,.

Defazio goes on to make these claims which have been debunked by the latest DOT OIG report.

“In 2001, a NAFTA arbitration panel found that the U.S. refusal to permit entry to any Mexican truck carriers was NAFTA illegal, but the panel also made it clear that U.S. safety standards do not need to be waived to comply with NAFTA,” DeFazio explained in his letter to Obama.

DeFazio leaned on several studies that have time and again proven the lack of equivalent safety performance by Mexican motor carriers. He pointed out that repeated studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Inspector General showed that neither Mexico’s carrier truck fleet nor its driver licensing and safety rules meet the requirements of U.S. law.

“The path forward is clear. Your administration can be compliant with the 2001 NAFTA arbitration panel by allowing Mexican trucks access to the U.S. roadways if those carriers can prove they meet U.S. safety standards regarding hours of service, driver training, licensing, drug testing and vehicle safety,” DeFazio wrote.

Drug tests as part of the licensing requirements. Background checks as a part of the licensing requirements. Psychological and Physical examinations, all by government doctors in government facilities as part of the process for obtaining the Licensia Federal. It seems to me the Mexican government is a step ahead of the US.

We’re seeing how the opposition is going to fight this. OOIDA has their paid propaganda sources on a rant. Stevie Sommers seemed like he was about to wet his panties last night on the air railing against the program. His daddy likewise. And this morning, Dave Nemo is finally leaving his neutrality behind, sadly and joining the voices of the opposition in spreading the disinformation about the program and Mexico.

You know, some such as Mark Reddig of OOIDA are saying 10 to 20 years for Mexico to establish databases to satisfy Todd Spencer, not that they don’t already have the databases, but to satisfy Todd Spencer and delay the inevitable, Nemo and the editor of the Trucker are saying we’re 4 to 5 years away from having things as WE want them. Well guess what. Delay all you want, and the tariff’s will continue until we comply with our obligations.