Re-certification of public bus and taxi drivers in Nuevo Laredo includes drug, skills testing.

Nuevo Laredo City transit bus
Operators of taxis, city bus and other public conveyances are being tested for new certifications to give better confidence to the daily rider.
NUEVO LAREDO .- Eduardo Cuellar Bridges, deputy representative of public transport in Nuevo Laredo, said that there have been 300 drug tests administered under a new anti doping regimen and so far only one operator tested positive out of a total of 6,900 public service operators who drive city buses, taxis and other public conveyances.

“We are contracted with a certified laboratory in Monterey, which immediately reports to the Delegation when positive results are obtained” Cuellar said Bridges.

The tests began on Monday, with a goal to finish by Friday with 500 tests remaining in addition to refresher driving and safety tests.

The cost for this test is 150 pesos, paid by the operator, which is turned over to the Red Cross of Mexico. the State government paid for the testing so the fee is donated to the Red Cross

Five substances are detected in this analysis: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and PHP.

“Those that pass the tests will be issued new identity cards, some who haven’t been reissued in more than 14 years” Cuellar Bridges explained.

“Today we are beginning tighter control of operators of public transit within the delegation and Under-Secretary of State.” With these measures, the Delegation of Transportation has better control of the operators, since they are the cornerstone of public transportion, and to show they are of the ability to perform their work in a safe and professional manner and to show the public that the person driving the city bus or taxi has the capacity and skills necessary.

“We hope that within 18 days and all operators will have been tested for drugs and their driving skills reconfirmed,” the official said.

Cuellar Bridges also stated the next step in the reorganization of the city transport delegation will be to have all operators permits digitized for instant availability to inspectors and law enforcement.