Ramos & Campeon – Loya Spin machine going “balls to the wall”!

Convicted Felons Ignacio Ramos y CampeonThe spin machine of Joe Loya, father in law of convicted felon and former Border Patrol agent Ignacio Ramos is kicking into high gear as the time nears Monday for the appeal of their conviction to be heard before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

This would be a non issue and these two felons would be quietly serving their sentence were it not for the daddy in laws money. This was a point raised by the trial judge when she admonished Mr Loya about his attempts to influence public opinion during the trial.

One of the most ridiculous claims I’ve seen comes from the loony tunes at WND, and it is the first of many.

Ramos, Compean feared for their lives, Appeal contends border agents used deadly force justifiably

Ok, I can accept that if they truly feared for their lives. In a case like that, the shooting might be justified. Except……….

In the El Paso sector, as well as other sectors along the Mexican border, it is an established fact that drug smugglers are rarely armed. I believe it was reported that in the El Paso sector, under 2% that are caught are armed. Ramos and Campeon were well aware of these facts. Cops in a bad shoot have historically tried to cover their ass and move the blame elsewhere.

Furthermore, Ramos and Campeon’s actions after the fact, when they tried to sanitize the scene and destroy evidence, which they admitted to, is what convicted them. If they truly feared for their lives, then they would have left the scene as it was and let the shoot team do it’s job. No body, no evidence to counter their claims, they would be on the job today.

Perhaps the most ludicrous is todays bit of trash journalism from Corsi, Rights ‘denied’ Ramos, Compean

Convicts Ramos and Campeon had all their “rights” carefully maintained as is normal in a high profile case. There “rights” were preserved a hell of a lot more diliigently than those of Aldrete-Davilla who they shot in the ass as he was running from them.

The ‘wingy dingy’s” of the right seem to make a big deal of the fact that convicts Ramos and Campeon are being kept in solitary. For their own protection as most convicted law enforcement personnel are kept.

Monday will begin an interesting week. I still have a problem with the gun charge. But these two conviicted felons deserve at the minimum to serve 18 months hard time.

It matters not whether Aldrete-Davilla was a drug smuggler, an illegal or a combination. Any person who set foot in the United States is protected by the same human and civil rights we all enjoy.

I ask myself if the level of outrage and demands for release of these two would have been as great if the person they shot was a white, US citizen who was trying to make a little pocket change? Probably not!

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