Ramos and Compean Released from Prison

Former U.S. border patrol agents and now convicted felons Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were released from prison Tuesday, but will remain in a community confinement program until March 20, U.S. Bureau of Prison officials said.

The two agents had been in prison since 2007. President George W. Bush commuted their sentences before he left office.

Traci Billingsley, bureau of prisons spokeswoman, said Tuesday that the two men are out of prison and under the “supervision of the community corrections office for a period of community confinement.”

Community confinement means the sentenced person has to spend the last phrase of their sentence either in a halfway house or in home confinement.

Dallas criminal defense lawyer Ed Mason, who represented Compean in his appeal, said Tuesday morning that he had not yet talked to Compean but was awaiting his phone call.

“I think he might be on his way to El Paso,” Mason said in a telephone interview. “We haven’t been able to talk to him yet.”

Billingsley said she could not release where the two agents would spend the last month of their sentence, but it is possible they could spend it at home.

Compean had been in the Elkton Federal Prison in Elkton, Ohio. Ramos was at the Phoenix Federal Prison.

The two former agents were convicted of shooting a drug smuggler and then trying to cover it up. Compean was sentenced to 12 years and Ramos to 11 years in prison. Both agents were found guilty of civil-rights violations and discharging a irearm during the act of a crime, an offense that includes a mandatory 10-year sentence.

Not “American Heroes” or “Patriots” but two felons back on the streets of America. At least with these two, we won’t have to worry about a recurrence of their crimes.

SOURCE: El Paso Times