Racist Hate Group ALIPAC and President William Gheen use Mexican truck issue to defraud elderly

Alipac President William Gheen using the Mexican truck issue to scam the unwary out of money to fund his little organization
Once again, ALIPAC President William Potter Gheen III is using a current event in his pathetic attempt to defraud American’s elderly population into donating to his nativist hate group, wrongfully called “Americans for Legal Immigration”.

That’s right folks, Gheen, in the midst of his third attempt this year to scam unsuspecting old folks and others who are scared to death of a mythical “Mexican invasion” using the issue of Mexican trucks.

As my readers already know, one carefully inspected and closely monitored Mexican carrier has been given authority to operate in the United States under the recent Cross Border Pilot Program with Mexico. At the moment, there are another 14 Mexican carriers undergoing the security and background checks and Pre-Authority Safety Audits, (PASA) required under the rules for the pilot program.

But as is normal for this piece of pond scum, Gheen is spreading the hysteria.

Her writes;

After fighting them back for more than ten years, Americans now face a crushing blow.

Unless Americans on the left and the right unite to stop the Mexican Truck program authorized by NAFTA, over 150,000 unsafe Mexican trucks loaded with drugs and illegal aliens will roll into every state and community!

If this happens, and without a strong response from you it will, then over 100,000 American truckers will lose their jobs.

Border level drug and illegal alien interdiction efforts will become completely moot as the designers of this ‘North American Integration’ treason desire.

Untold numbers of innocent Americans will perish at the hands of unqualified Mexican truck drivers who are inexperienced at driving on 1st world roadway systems, unsafe Mexican trucks, and the increased amount of deadly addictive drugs and illegal immigrant invaders brought into our American communities. The organized crime syndicates will have a new powerful tool in the stripping down of America if this planned trucking integration happens.

This is even more radical than anything Teamsters President James P. Hoffa or OOIDA Vice President Todd Spencer could ever come up with, and the sad thing is, the elderly who he constantly targets, the bigots and racists whom he courts and the other fringes of American society who embrace his hateful rhetoric will swallow this kool aid hook, line and sinker!

But as usual, this assklown is a day later and a dollar short.

Gheen uses an article from the Latin American Times which allegedly quote an official with CANACAR, Mexico’s transport union as claiming 150,000 Mexican trucks are awaiting clearance to enter the country. We contacted CANACAR in Nuevo Laredo Tamps, and advised us they knew nothing of the person, Luis Moreno, listed as “Vice President” of the association.

But that doesn’t stop Gheen from continuing with his lies and fearmongering but fortunately, people are wising up to his scams and schemes, except for the elderly who continue to fall victim to his fraud.

Gheen claims his small organization has a membership of 40,000 or more. The truth is he has perhaps 35 hard core followers and a mailing list of about 35,000 who he spams regularly with his appeals for donations.

Buyer beware!